Community leaders Wendy and Howard Staff and Roseann Norton were recipients of the Paul Harris Fellowship Award for 2006 presented by the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South.

District Governor Art Wing acknowledged..."The recipients today join an impressive list of people throughout the world...and on the world stage recipients include Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa."

Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South 

June 19, 2006

Volume Nine, Meeting 36

SERVICE Above Self 

Reporter:  R. Morissette


Call to Order:
President Bob McKay.
President Bob noted that it is a special meeting - the Paul Harris Fellowship Awards - and acknowledged the presence of District Governor Art Wing and his spouse, Jacqueline.

National Anthem:
 Rob Welch
Toast to Queen and Canada: Brian Radford
Invocation: Ed Telenko


John Teibert introduced the head table as well as guests and visiting Rotarians:
 District Governor Art Wing and Jacqueline Herman; Ian Forbes, Chair of the Paul Harris Fellowship Award Committee; Cathy and David Henry, guests of George Fitzpatrick; Drew and Dana Staff, Sue Ann Staff, and Wendy and Howard Staff, nominees; Roseann Norton, nominee; Chantalle Pellizzari, Sue Arnold, and Marlene Slepkov, guests of Roseanne Morissette; Ron Bassett from the Downtown Club; Roseanne Elliott, spouse of Ross Elliott; Valerie Fitzpatrick, spouse of George Fitzpatrick; Mimi Massuet, spouse of Paul Massuet; Heather Foss, spouse of Doug Foss, and their two daughters.     

Doug Foss, serving as Sergeant-at-Arms,
 accepted Happy Dollars from:
Rob Welch - who is just really happy;
John Klassen - who will be playing golf at Firestone;
Shannon Foss - who is happy that school is over;
George Fitzpatrick - who attended a high mass at St. Peter's Basilica and was very impressed;
Peter Snodgrass - his daughter is officially engaged, and now he will have to work like heck;
Bob McKay - who was in Edmonton for the big game.


President Bob reminded everyone about the Club Picnic at Paul and Mimi Massuets, 4 Cardinal Circle, June 25th, 2006, 3 pm.

Upcoming Events:

June 26th - President Bob's "Swan Song".
July 10th - Matt Taylor's induction of the new board.
July 24th - Dave Haddow, "Rotary Foundation".  
August 14th - There will be no lunch meeting. A General Assembly will be held in the evening, which Ron hopes to tie in with a golf outing during the day. Further details to follow.

Friendly Visiting:

If you know of any member (or family member) of our club who is sick,
please advise President Bob McKay or President Elect Matt Taylor.


No birthdays reported.

50/50 DRAW

Wendy Staff drew the winning ticket, but was unsuccessful in drawing the cards.  


No early leavers today!


Ian Forbes,
Chair of the Paul Harris Fellowship Award Committee, introduced District Governor Art Wing and his wife, Jacqueline Herman. Ian noted that behind every successful man is a hard-working and intelligent woman. Jacqueline, who was in charge of the training program for the District, set the tone for Art for a very proud year. Of the 300+ meetings Art has attended this year, Ian thanked our District Governor for the gift of his time today.

District Governor Art Wing's address is detailed below:

"I would first like to thank you for inviting Jacqueline and I to today's meeting and to express our admiration for this club and its work...This club has been contributing to this community and beyond since 1968. Your recent work in supporting Hospice Niagara has been exceptional. That effort will come to fruition at the ground breaking for the construction of the residential hospice here in St. Catharines. We have been following this since its inception as Jacquie was a founding board member of Hospice.

At the District Conference last month, your club was the recipient of more awards than any other club. Ed Telenko's work on the membership plan garnered results in a number of categories. Even more importantly, you have added some excellent new Rotarians to your club roster. In addition, this club was one of half of the clubs in our District to receive the Club Presidential Citation from President Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammer and, as well, the District Lighthouse Award. Thank you for a great year!

As Rotarians, we all strive to live our lives in keeping with the Rotary Motto: Service Above Self. We strive to go about our work within and outside of Rotary embracing the ideals and standards established by our founder Paul Harris over 100 years ago. Some of us succeed quite well, others moderately, while others excel...

In 1957, the first Paul Harris Fellowship was awarded. This award was established in memory of Paul Harris who founded the world's first service organization in 1905 and is considered to be the highest award that a club may bestow upon fellow Rotarians or outstanding members of the community, who in the opinion of the nominators, have made a significant difference in the lives of others.        

One thousand dollars U.S. is given in the recipient's name to Rotary International in support of its projects worldwide, or we may through our personal support of our Foundation donate $1,000 U.S. to our Foundation. As an example, Rotary International will take that money and leverage it to support various initiatives, such as:
- the building of 40 new wells in Zimbabwe ensuring safe drinking water for many families;
- providing 40 artificial limbs to land mine victims enabling them to walk again; or
- to provide books for children in the third world affording them an education otherwise denied.

Suffice to say, the impact is extensively felt and greatly appreciated. The recipients today join an impressive list of people throughout the world...and on the world stage recipients include Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa. 

The Rotary Club of St. Catharines South regards the selection and awarding of the Paul Harris Fellowships as a visible and tangible way to recognize exceptional service beyond self, and today, we join in this celebration...This recognition will be felt somewhere in the third world: 
- Villagers will have fresh water to drink;
- Young children will be able to walk on new limbs;
- Young children will read a book;
- Young children will be inoculated against disease.

One hundred per cent of the donations to our Foundation are used for programs around the world in partnerships with Rotary Clubs and others to make a difference. One half is used for projects in partnership with Clubs and individuals. One half of that donation comes back to the District in three years and allows our District to partner with Clubs in local and international projects.

We have many individuals and Clubs in our District who have conceived, planned, and executed international and local projects with the assistance of our Foundation. This year, the District approved 16 projects for Rotarians and Clubs to go club to club to raise money. With the money raised, and in partnership in most cases with our Foundation, these projects will be successful. Many of our District members have been involved in National Immunization Days in India and Africa. An example of our commitment in 1985 to eradicate Polio world wide. We are getting close. In February of this year, 30 million children in Nigeria received polio vaccine over four days. Again, Rotarians in partnership with others are making this happen. It is another example of Rotarians doing something special for others. It is another example of how Rotarians make a difference through our donations to our Rotary Foundation and to the Polio Plus Fund. 

I know the significance of a Paul Harris Fellowship - both my wife Jacqueline and I feel that receiving a Paul Harris Fellowship is the highest honour that we have received to-date. We have also committed to being Sustaining Members and Benefactors of our Rotary Foundation because we believe that in this way we help Rotarians make a difference in thousands of ways around the world. Last month at the conference, Jacquie and I received a crystal from our Foundation for committing a donation in our wills to the Foundation...Jacquie and I felt one of our ways of giving back was to support our Foundation. I would hope you would also give this opportunity some serious consideration. 

Those of you who have been recognized already as Paul Harris Fellows, and those of you who will join that select group today, know what you have done has not gone by unnoticed. It is a visible reminder of all that you have done and all that I know you will continue to do. Congratulations!"

Roseanne Morissette introduced the first recipient, Roseann Norton. June Manning introduced recipients Howard and Wendy Staff. See related story for backgrounds on the nominees.


Ron Kozub reported 26 members and 20 guests for 72 per cent attendance


As there was no further business for the good of Rotary, President Bob adjourned the meeting at 1:30 p.m.