District Governor Ralph Montesanto, Club President Greg McDonald, Paul Massuet and John Teibert on the occasion of His Second Paul Harris Award!

[Editor's Note: The following is adapted from Paul Massuet's comments in introducing John as one of our Paul Harris Fellowship Award Recipients. Photos by Ed Telenko.]

Today we would like to honour John Teibert.


John has been a member of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South and a friend since 1991


Has been a director of the club for over ten years filling the role of Treasurer for many, Vice President, President and now in his second year as Secretary.


He has championed many projects and committees at the club and district level, really too numerous to mention but we have to list a few.


John was an original member and supporter of the Hospice committee. He was a key member and past chair of the Bingo Committee.  He has participated in the Ambassadorial Scholarship district program for several years.. Actually too many more to waste your time today but these are not the real reason he was nominated for his second Paul Harris Fellowship.


Over the last few years he has quietly become  an "advisor to presidents". Because of John's vast knowledge of the workings of our club as a Treasurer and Secretary and more importantly his quiet willingness to  help, he has been asked for, and unselfishly responded with, assistance to many members of our club executive.


When the call was put out for nominees for the award several recent Past Presidents put John's name forward.  They each had a common theme in describing John's role as a club leader and the glue that keeps our club going..


Thank you John and congratulations.