Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South   

January 7, 2008

Rotary Shares


Call to Order:   President June Manning  

Anthem:  Paul Monahan

Toast:  Jean Holbert-Leighton

Grace:  John Klassen


Guests and Visiting Rotarians: Leah, a visiting Rotarian from Bancroft and also a propective member.



Norris Brown was in charge today and started with a happy dollar for his first Christmas with his garandson. He then fined Laetitia for putiing up the wrong banner. Ed Telenko corrected Norris in a "point of order" comment in that it is the Sergeant-at-arms who is ultimately responsible for the preparation of the meeting facility....Norris recovered by fining Matt andBrian for fighting ... Don Hetherington had a happy dollar for a wonderful holiday season as did Greg macdonald for the skiing. Matt Taylor was proud of his grandson who actually played hockey at the Boston Garden ....during intermission at an NHL game! John Klasssen regretted not being with Soren Harrison when Canada Beat out Sweden for the Junior Gold. Jean happy for the great vacation and having her daughter with her during the holidays. June happy as always for the hockey juniors.




June announced the meeting of the Gala committee and said that they were still looking for more member participation at the committee and leadership level.


June reminded us of the Fireside at Matt's house on the 17th. [See the notice and online registration on the Web Home Page].


Don Beard asked for and received volunteers for Saturday's Bingo.


Don Hetherington announced a February  social involving mini golf on a pool table. Details to follow.


We were reminded of the Inner Wheel social event in february. [See the Web Home Page for details.]


Julio reminded us of the need for host families for the Youth Exchange Program. Hosts are required for 3 month blocks. Please give this serious consideration.


Birthdays: Jean, Julio and June were serenaded by our club as they all celebrate birthdays this week!


50/50 Draw: Tom Schulz had his number drawn but drew the wrong card. Sorry Tom...


Guest Speaker:


Pat O'neil, Executive Director of the Ina Grafton Gage Village, spoke to us today about the scope of this senior facility in north St. Catharines. pat has a background in nursing, administration, coaching and marathon running among other things, as he leads a very active life.


The Ina Grafton Gage complex occupies a fifteen acre site near Linwell and Niagara. It provides multi level care for seniors. In its beginning it was affiliated with the United Church in that they initiated the project in 1957 but that they are not involved in any current role. The facility, however, remains a not-for-profit, charitable, multi-level senior's complex that is home to over 400 seniors who live in either life lease bungalows or apartments, rental or rent-geared-to-income apartments, or long-term care (nursing care).


In the case of Long Term Care, there are 40 Care Suites in the "B" Building. The resident pays for accomodation at the rates of $1543.95 to 2091.45 and the Ministry of health pays for the care that they receive.Pat spoke of the procedures that must be followed in applying for residency and the involvement of the CCAC in this process.


The next aspect discussed was the Rental component where subsidies from Niagara regional Housing are available if needed. Over 120 of these units are available.

The third component is that of Life Lease apartments (112) and bungalows (47). This concept allows a resident to purchase the right to occupy a particular unit and assures him/her of a permanent place to live without some of the responsibilities of ownership.


Pat described some of the challenges facing the region as their are no new housing facilities being built or planned at this time in the public sector. There are many private facilities but they come at greta cost to the senior. We have an aging population in the region combined with a shortage of dcotors. There are no new monies from either the province or the federal government. Pat briefly described the role of the LHIN's and gave us the new contact information as shown below.


In closing, Pat suggested that we all do the following if we know someone in need of senior housing:

  • Don't wait too long
  • Do your research
  • Get affairs in order, POA, Care and financial
  • Take Tours and Visit
  • Look after Will, Executor and Funeral arrangements



CCAC Niagara      www.niagara.ccac-ont.ca

Niagara INA GRAFTON   www.niggv.on.ca

LHIN         www.hnhblhin.on.ca