Paul Monaghan introduced Stan Pride who has over 35 years experience in the dynamics of marketing and founded the Pride Marketing Group 17 years ago. His experience encompasses products and services as diverse as electronics, insurance, construction, auto clubs and credit cards. Stan brings to each challenge a broad overview of business with which to develop a profitable and successful solution.

Stan is pretending that he is semi retired now and is only involved in a few projects. He serves on the Board of Directors of Good Will Niagara, the Chair of the Finance Committee and the Chair of the Niagara Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. He is also a Past President of the St. Catharines Chamber of Commerce and was a member for over 17 years.

Born and raised in Toronto , Stan graduated in Business Administration from Ryerson Polytechnical Institute and has lived in Niagara for 22 years.


Mention Goodwill and most people think of their thrift stores and donation boxes. Few people are aware of the significant role that Goodwill plays in making the Niagara community a better place to live.

Donations are sold in one of their four retail stores where proceeds provide revenue needed to offer programs and services to job seekers, individuals with disabilities, families, seniors and other members of the community.

Last year the Workforce Development Programs provided employment and training services to more than 350 people. Many of these people were underemployed and struggled to make ends meet. They are individuals whom, as a result of their challenges, were not reaping the personal and emotional benefits that employment makes possible.

The Successfully Suited Program provided quality career apparel to 297 low-income individuals this past year, helping them create a professional image, build their confidence and transition into the workplace.

Goodwill also plays a vital role in recycling and waste management by diverting large volumes of goods, which would otherwise end up in landfills. Goodwill encourages and helps the community to reduce, re-use, and recycle each and every day.

Goodwill Niagara is committed to developing relevant programs and services, which respond directly to the needs of our community.

Goodwill Niagara has purchased the Stokes Seeds Warehouse located at 36 Page Street in St. Catharines . They are in the process of re-developing this site into a multi-functional community complex, which will include:

  • 33 Affordable Apartments for Seniors
  • Community and Youth Resource Centre
  • Centre for Goodwill Workforce Development Programs
  • Niagara Training and Technology Centre
  • Centre for Culinary Arts and Hospitality Training

This project will rejuvenate local brown field property, revitalize the struggling Queenston Street neighbourhood and strengthen the Niagara Community.

Goodwill has secured the necessary funding to purchase the building and renovate the Affordable Housing component of the centre. They are now carrying out the capital campaign within our community to cover the costs associated with the Community and Training Centre components of this initiative.

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