Ken thanked the Club for allowing him to be a member.  Ken's dad was an Engineer.  His mother and father were born in Scotland and Ken was raised in Bolton.  He joined the Air Training Corp where he dropped par shooters during the war.  AT 18 Ken went to the RAFCollege at Cornwall.  He went to Cambridge and then Germany in 1946.  He went to Hanover which was devastated. They had to take items by air because the Russians had closed the boarders.  After that Ken went to SheffieldUniversity and did a bachelor degree in Social Science.  He worked at Dehaviland Air Corp which was a missile factory.  He was married and well roasted by his union.  He received his MA and PhD.  He taught at a high school and coached badminton-and the school won the England championship.  He was then transferred to an elementary school in the inner city with lots of challenges.  After 3 years he transferred to a small community. And after another 3 years went to a school on the coast of Blackpool for 13 years.  It was one of the top ten schools. Ken was involved in Boy Scouts and Cubs.  He went to Texas for the International Jamboree.  His wife Rose was awarded the Medal of Merit.  Ken received a Silver Acorn for their work in scouting. He was even at a ceremony with the Queen.  Ken and Rose have a son and daughter.  They travelled to Minnesota and while there went to Toronto and Niagara Falls. Ken retired and remained a member of the Rotary Club in Blackpool.


Ken was invited to be an auxiliary member of the Episcopal Church.  There were 18 churches that he ministered to.  Upon his retirement they came to Canada. It only took four weeks to get the papers.  Their son stayed in England and their daughter came with them.  They went to Windsor, London and Niagara Falls and decided to stay in Niagara Falls.  They have been here for 19 years. They connected with the local Boy Scouts who helped them move and settle.  Paul introduced Ken to the Sunrise Club.  Ken was recommended to a Niagara Falls (US) university where he had three part time jobs.  Five years ago he had a heart attack and received care.  He has written three books for the church one entitled "Chuckles in Church".  The profits go to charity.  In April 2007 he and Rose celebrated their 50th anniversary.  They both like cruising and has cruised to numerous places.  He is a member of the Niagara Falls Library Board and Chaplin at Versa Care on Scott St.  There are over 200 people there.  On June 2 they are having a royal garden party. Ken is looking forward to working with the Club.


Sheila thanked Ken for sharing his experiences.  Greg presented Ken with his badge.