Introduction by Ian Forbes


Eric Deegan is a popular Motivational Speaker whose enthusiasm and positive outlook are contagious! Eric's inspirational talks help organizations, team members and individuals improve their mental focus, develop a new approach to the critical factors affecting their lives, and turn their personal and professional setbacks into roaring comebacks! Eric is a living example that all of us have the capacity to achieve greatness, despite obstacles.


Eric played college championship football in Toronto 's SkyDome, tended goal in Junior A hockey, and coached teams from the bottom of the heap to the top. In 1994, over the course of 10 months and 5,500 kilometers, Eric was the fifth person to run across Canada - from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean . Eric now resides in the Niagara Region.


An international Speaker, Eric Deegan has spoken before audiences of over 800,000 business professionals, students, educators and individuals in 12 countries. Eric Deegan has known the low points in life, both of a physical and psychological nature, and has overcome them; providing a wellspring for Eric's optimistic and tempered messages of knowledge-based and realistic approaches to life.


Remarkably, Eric Deegan realized at quite a young age through his studies at Champlain College and Mount Allison University , and through observing the patterns of failure and success of both his peers and others around him, there were definite paths of success and failure -- and these patterns are both discernible and learn-able. Eric has chosen to help others from his insights and optimism, and has positively affected many thousands of lives as a result.


His speaking career began in 1988 when he was asked by a single mother to speak to her sixteen year old that had recently dropped out of school. The mother explained that her son watched Eric play football. Six months after meeting with her son, Eric received a letter of thanks explaining her son had returned to school and was doing much better. The letter was nice to receive and soon Eric was speaking with small groups of at risk students. After five years of part time speaking while continuing both his football career and post secondary education, Eric's passion and hunger to make a difference launched a daunting task of running for the next ten months from the Pacific to Atlantic ocean . The run was to speak to students about very important issues.

All of us need to develop good healthy habits and Eric suggests writing down our goals every 30 days will help us achieve them. We need to think bigger than we currently are. We all have a shot at greatness in life, we can all live the life of our dreams and be truly successful, but it has to be in an area where we are extremely passionate. You need to find your passion and pursue it or follow your dreams with passion! If you want to have a great life next week, next year or next 5 years, plan for it. Great structures are not built on rough sketches they are built on carefully drafted architectural plans. Your wishes cross over into desires the moment they are well articulated enough to be pursued. Don't plan it out in your brain, document it.

You need to fill your head with positive thoughts you should try surrounding your self with positive people. They will lift your morale and you will be surprised at how their positivity will rub off on you. Optimism will improve your social life and motivate you to never give up, which turns failure and set backs into comebacks and successes. Making our dreams happen can be so daunting which is probably why so few of us ever actually see them through. The process has to be incremental, start small and then go big. The smaller the resolution, the more likely it is that we will accomplish our goal and gain confidence on the way to our bigger goals.

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