Greg Macdonald became our 41st President today.

Greg began by acknowledging George Fitzpatrick for bringing him into Rotary just over four years ago. He remembers that this invitation to join our club was quite an honour for him at the time.


He then spoke of the Rotary International Convention in Los Angeles and how impressed he was with the Canadian presence there. It began with the Canadian Flag being brought in last as is the tradition in honour of the home country of the sitting President of Rotary International, Wilf Wilkinson.


Greg echoed June's comments about the convention and the strength of the club especially the willingness of its' members to serve. We are however being asked by incoming President D. K. Lee to recommit to Rotary and the theme "Make Dreams Real".


Greg then used the brochure, copies of which were in front of us all, to highlight the Strategic Plan to show the direction Rotary is taking. Advancing our public image in St. Catharinesand. increasing membership are two key goals of our club this year. This was a focus of Wilf Wilkinson's speech in Los Angeles. There are many changes to our committee structure that will reflect those implemented by RI. To this end we will be asked in the next week to volunteer our services at the committee level. His board is meeting before the next club meeting and he hopes to have committees in place within the week.