Members of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South gathered in fellowship at the first General Assembly of the year.


John D'Ambrosio, Laetitia de Witt, George Fitzpatrick, Debbie Garneau Cathy Henry, Jean Holbert-Leighton, Jim Hooper, Jim Howes, Paul Massuet, Greg McDonald, Bob McKay, Paul Monaghan, Roseanne Morissette, Tom Schulz, Keith Shaver, Najeeb Syed, Ed Telenko, and Dan Toppari.

Sheila Bristo, Jason Pollack, John Teibert.
President Paul opened the meeting at 6:35 p.m.
National Anthem:   Jean Holbert-Leighton
Toast to the Queen & Canada:    Laetitia de Witt
Invocation:  Jim Howes
Najeeb read the "Stamp Act" for our Rotary minute.
Rare stamps figure into the plot of the 1963 movie Charade, starring Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn, and the Rotary International stamp makes a brief cameo. Monaco issued this stamp in 1955 in honour of Rotary's 50th anniversary; 26 other countries also commemorated the occasion on postage stamps. Rotary's 75th and 100th anniversaries provided inspiration in places including Cyprus, Djibouti, Ghana, Iran, and Peru, which also issues commemorative stamps. The Rotary emblem first appeared on a stamp in 1931, when Austria created a set of overprints (a later printing over an officially issued stamp) in honour of the RI Convention in Vienna.
For more on Rotary history topics, contact the RI History and Archives staff at
No guests or visiting Rotarians to report.
Cathy Henry, serving as Sergeant-at-Arms, fined one table where no women were seated and accepted happy dollars as follows:
Jim Hooper - went to the Wine Festival Parade with his son and it was fantastic;

Debi Garneau - happy to be sitting at a table with all men;
Greg McDonald - happy to be here;
Jim Howes - happy that Tom Schulz agreed to transport wine for the gala;
Najeeb Syed - happy that his sister's daughter is getting married;
Laetitia de Witt - happy to enjoy this bottle of wine;
Jean Holbert-Leighton - happy for the complimentary tickets from Dan;
Roseanne Morissette - happy to report that PerformanceCars, through colleague Bill Anderson, helped raise $45,000 for the United Way! PerformanceCars is the sponsor of the Annual United Way Golf Tournament. 
Paul Massuet - happy to be celebrating his wedding anniversary with wife Mimi;
Cathy Henry - both happy and sad as her new Hyundai broke down on a trip to the States, but Performance Hyundai's service was impeccable.
Ed Telenko - happy to extend an invitation to all club members to attend a reception/showing of his creative artwork at Kennedy Gallery on October 2nd.
Bingo, October 2nd, two more volunteers are needed for Don Beard.
Johnny Reid Benefit Concert, October 5th at Bethany Community Church, 1388 Third Street to support the St. Catharines General Hospital Foundation.  $100 per person.  Meet and Greet Tickets: $175 per person.  Order tickets online at  
Foundation Dinner, Rotary District 7090 Conference, October 16th and 17th starting at 6:30 p.m.  Paul Massuet, Paul Monaghan, and Roseanne Morissette are attending. If anyone else is interested, we can car pool.  Paul and Roseanne to attend the Saturday program as well. Paul Massuet is driving up for the dinner.
Club Christmas Lunch, December 21st. Volunteers to assist with the program are needed. Speak with President Paul or Sheila Bristo.
Happy Birthday was sung and best wishes extended to Keith Shave (Sept 22), as well as John Chotka and President Paul (Sept 27).
50/50 DRAW
George Fitzpatrick had the winning ticket, but Laetitia who drew for George, drew the 10 of Clubs.

Tom reported 18 members and six make-ups for 78 per cent attendance.
George Fitzpatrick, Jean Holbert-Leighton, and Najeeb Syed.
President's Report, Paul Monaghan
Reported under announcements.  
Past President's Report, Greg McDonald 
Nothing new to report.
President Elect Report, John Teibert
Regrets given by John Teibert
Treasurer's Report, Debi Garneau 
Debi presented the 2008/2009 Year-End Financial Statements.
Keith Shaver requested that, on the income statement, separate donations for the Take it to Heart be listed, i.e. PerformanceCars contribution to-date.  The same procedure would apply to the Niagara Hoe Down.  It was agreed that donors/partners would be listed.
The charge for Club Runner was questioned. Roseanne will look into this and report back. Jim asked if Club Runner is necessary. It is the means by which we communicate with our member, i.e. weekly bulletin and events. It has many tools for club organization and communication.
Moved by Debi Garneau
Seconded by Cathy Henry
THAT the 2008/2009 Year-End Financial Statements be accepted with amendments proposed.
All in favour.      Carried.
Debi reviewed the 2009/2010 Budget.
It was confirmed that the Donations Committee has $11,400 to work with.
Ed Telenko asked for an increase to the Howard Etherington Award. For 17 years, the donation has been $2,000. Discussions resulted in a motion to increase the $2,000 to $3,000 plus a $500 expense allowance for a revised allocation of $3,500.

Moved by Ed Telenko
Seconded by Paul Monaghan
THAT the Howard Etherington Award be increased to $3,000 plus $500 in expenses for promotion.
All in favour.   Carried. 
Keith Shaver asked if the annual dues should be reviewed for next year. We should look into what other clubs are charging. This suggestion is TABLED for further discussion.
Moved by Debi Garneau
Seconded by Bob McKay
THAT the July 2009 to June 2010 General and Charitable Accounts Budget be accepted with amendments proposed.
All in favour.   Carried.
Public Relations Report, Cathy Henry 
Paul prefaced Cathy's presentation by stating that we are very lucky and proud to have Cathy in our club. 
Rotary Car Rally Proposal "Explore Niagara":
Cathy presented a Rotary Car Rally Proposal to the members.  This rally would replace our May gala, which raised nearly $15,000 annually.
This would be a car rally/silent auction on Sunday, May 2, 2010. The Motor Club of St. Catharines would run the rally part of the event for a fee of $1,000. They supply all documentation, insurance, pamphlets, route maps, and time control volunteers. They tally the times and decide the winners. Printed results are provided within 30 minutes of the last arriving car.
Our obligation would be to supply the cars, entrants (3 per car), identification numbers for the vehicles, pledges, trophies/prizes, promotion, grab bags, light dinner, and silent auction items.  
The silent auction is something we could run ourselves (using our contacts from the galas) or we can contract with a company to run this for us.  A question was raised as to how much our silent auction has raised in the past. To be confirmed by Debi.
Starting point: Canadian Tire, Welland Avenue, St. Catharines
Returning point: Coppola's on Carlton Street
Potential funds to be raised: $15,000.
A questionnaire was circulated and completed by members in attendance as to whether or not they would support this initiative. Sheila Bristo will email the questionnaire to the balance of Rotarians in the club.

Results from the questionnaire will be shared within two weeks at an upcoming Rotary meeting.     
Take it to Heart Gala, November 14th:
Cathy reported that there are 284 committed guests to the Take it to Heart gala. Tickets are still available. Twenty-one thousand has been received in cash donations.  
Cathy asked members to consider buying a ticket as a donation or taking a business card-size ad in the program, or attending and enjoying the fellowship. Fellow Rotarians could also help sell tickets against the necklace to be raffled. Our participation will heighten public awareness of what our club is supporting.
Public Relations Committee members include: Kris Akilie, Cathy Henry, Ron Kozub, Roseanne Morissette, Najeeb Syed, and Ed Telenko.
Rotary Foundation Report, Roseanne Morissette
Every Rotarian, Every Year Club:
Roseanne explained that letters went out with the membership invoice thanks to Debi Garneau and encouraged members to give anything to the program. If all members make a contribution of some sort, we will be considered an Every Rotarian, Every Year Club.
Roseanne recognized President Paul as our first Sustaining Member for 2009/2010.  
Paul Harris Fellow Award:
Roseanne confirmed that we have six nominees. The ceremony could take place either November 16th or November 23rd, 2009. District Governor Pravin, or a designate, will be in attendance.  
Jim Howes suggested that an evening event would be more ceremonial. It was countered that we may not get as many members out.
Foundation Committee members include: Jim Hooper, Paul Massuet, Roseanne Morisstte, and Rob Welch. Roseanne thanked Jim, Paul, and Rob for their contributions.
International Committee Report, Laetitia de Witt
Laetitia reported that we have been flooded with requests this year. The committee has chosen to focus on empowerment of women, water, literacy, and disaster relief.
Rotary International is stressing Hands On projects. $1,500 has been earmarked for the good work of Matt and Georgette Taylor.  
John Teibert is overseeing Ambassadorial and Peace Fellowships. Jim Hooper is handling our Group Study Exchange.

International Committee members include: Laetitia de Witt, Jim Hooper, Paul Massuet, Greg McDonald, Bob McKay, Roseanne Morissette, and John Teibert.  
Community Service Projects Report, John D'Ambrosio 
Committee members include: Norris Brown, John D'Ambrosio, Jim Howes, Tom Schulz, and Keith Shaver.
John advised that the committee is looking for a hands-on local project.
As there was no further business for the good of Rotary, the meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.  President Paul wished everyone a good week in Rotary.