President John called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.
National Anthem:  Matt Taylor
Toast to Queen and Canada:  Roseanne Morissette
Invocation: Jim Howse
Arie Vrugteveen, serving as Sergeant-at-Arms, accepted happy dollars from:
Jean Holbert-Leighton - happy $2.00 as she is heading off to New York City;
Sheila Bristo - happy $1.00 that she, John Teibert, and Roseanne attended the Rotary District 7090 General Assembly;
Beth Cockcroft - happy $2.00 to be back and to see everyone again;
Paul Monaghan - happy $2.00 that he will be in Ireland soon;
John D’Ambrosio - happy $1.00 to be back. He was on vacation in Aruba with six other couples - fun time;
Jim Hooper - happy $1.00 that he made six to seven trips to Home Depot on the weekend for a vanity;
June Manning - happy $1.00 that she drove her son to the airport. He is traveling to Mexico;
Matt Taylor - happy $1.00 his 17 year old grandson went to Guatemala and had a great trip;
Arie Vrugteveen - happy $1.00 that his wife is expecting in November, that he was the recipient of the “40 Under 40” award, and that his company, Retire At Home, is the top retirement company in Canada;
Bob McKay - happy and something about a top drug? Sorry from the editor, Bob!
John Teibert - happy $1.00 that the Blaisdale meeting was such a nice event.
Bingo Update/Volunteers - Beth thanked Derrick who has been very dedicated to volunteering and helping run the bingo sessions. Also thanked Don and Debbie. Tim Denis has been helping too. Next bingos: May 26th and June 6th - volunteers are needed.
May 7th Furniture Bank Update - Arie and John volunteered and two cube vans were filled with furniture and household items. Next year, a major food company may be involved and will help promote.
May 10th Blaisdale Meeting Update - It was a very nice event, and Karen Oakes was there.
May 12th Board of Directors Meeting Update - Motion re Water Project - new project recommended to the Board by the World Community Service Committee. A motion was made to donate C$2,000 for a School Water Well and Sanitation System in Tanzania, Africa. This is a partnership with the Buffalo Sunrise Club as well as District 7090 who are providing a Simplified District Grant for this project. Moved by Jean Holbert-Leighton and seconded by Bob McKay.
May 14th District Assembly Update - The sessions were very informative and educational. John, Sheila, and Roseanne attended.
June 19-25 RYLA - good candidate selected: Andrew McKell.
July 17-23 Tour du Lac - sponsorship opportunities are available. For information visit
May 16th - Rob Welch - who shares his birthday with Janet Jackson and Pearce Brosnan.
50/50 DRAW
Jim Hooper drew the two of Diamonds. There is now $250 in the pot!
Sheila Bristo -
Sick & Visiting: This year, guidelines were established for the Sick & Visiting Committee to ensure we are responsive and consistent when there are happy events and not so happy events going on for our members. Thanks to Arie Vrugteveen for his leadership and diligence in this endeavour.
Firesides: We had a successful Fireside in November. Thanks to Cathy for opening her home and to Debbie for providing the spirits and to all those who attended. The agenda focused on our new avenue of service: “New Generations”. Our next Fireside is June 28th at my home. That night, we’ll talk about our various committees, what they do, and how to become involved. Please put the date in your calendar. Of course, it is open to all club members with a special invite to our newer members.
Membership: We have been fortunate to have Jean Stewart and Derrick Tomlinson join our club over the year. However, we were saddened to lose Greg McDonald and, more recently, George Fitzpatrick from our membership. The board received George’s resignation at the May Board meeting and unanimously voted to make George an honourary member in recognition of his years of service and leadership in our club.
Strategic Planning: Over the year, I lead the development of a strategic plan with John Teibert, Jim Howes, and Roseanne. The club formulated a draft mission statement. You will hear more our Strategic Plan as we move forward this coming year.
Professional Development: Over the year, I attended Pets I and II, the Rotary Leadership Institute, part two; and the District Assembly; and I am about to leave for the RI convention in New Orleans, weather permitting.
As we close off another year, I am grateful for having been mentored by John Teibert and Paul Monaghan.  Next year, the Board has a mix of current, new, and returning Board members, and I am very excited and looking forward to working with such a talented, committed, and fun group of people.
Thank you for the honour of serving as President Elect, and I hope to serve you well in the future.
Roseanne Morissette -
I would like to thank Ron Kozub for his leadership this year in recording and monitoring attendance and for maintaining the club roster. Ron is now tracking attendance online, and this is very exciting as members can check their attendance and plan for make-ups accordingly.
I would like to draw your attention to the fan page that has been launched for the club on facebook. Please look for the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South and Like! us.
Sincere thanks to Sheila Bristo for her mentorship in my role as Club Secretary this year.
Debi Garneau -
Debi presented the club’s financial statements to March 31st, 2011. 
Moved by Debi Garneau
Seconded by Paul Monaghan
THAT the financial statements to March 31st be accepted as presented. All in favour. Carried.
John D’Ambrosio -
Keith, Bob, and John will meet soon to address local requests for donations. Rotary medals will be presented in the near future.
In Cathy’s absence, John thanked Cathy and the committee for another successful Explore Niagara Car Rally. Approximately $10,000 has been raised for local causes.
Jason Pollock -
In Jason’s absence, John Teibert advised that Jason would like to thank Dan Toppari for another year of excellent speakers. This year, we had successful social events, such as Blaisdale, and quarterly assemblies.
Kris Akilie -
In Kris’s absence, John Teibert reported that Early Act is in place.
Laetitia de Witt -
In Laetitia’s absence, Bob read a report from Laetitia and the World Community Service Committee.
As Club Director of International Service, I wish to thank my International Projects Committee: Beth Cockcroft, Jean Holbert-Leighton, Paul Massuet, Bob McKay, Roseanne Morissette, Peter Snodgrass,  Najeeb Syed, Elizabeth Zimmerman for their Commitment to Service.
My gratitude to my GSE Chair, Jim Hooper and District 7090 GSE Team Leader, Roseanne Morissette, who did our Club proud to Lead the District GSE Team of 2010/2011 to South Korea and Jim Hooper for incorporating our Club to participate in Hosting the inbound South Korea GSE Team. The GSE Report will be presented by Roseanne Morissette at the Club meeting on Monday, 30 May 2011.   
I wish to thank my Chair for Ambassadorial and Peace Scholars, John Teibert.  He reported that our Club received and conducted a first meeting with applicant, Jordan Salvatore, for sponsorship by our Rotary Club for the District 7090 Ambassadorial Scholarship of 2012/2013 Rotary Year. Second interview scheduled for 4 June 2011.
Report for the Rotary Club International Service Budget from 1 July 2010 till 30 June 2011.  The approved budget for this Rotary year had been C$12,500.00
As per our Club’s WCS Committee recommendation to the Board and the Board approval of the following Project I, Laetitia de Witt, Club Director for International Service hereby present the Motion made by Jean Holbert-Leighton/seconded by Bob McKay to donate C$2000.00 from the Budget for International Service Projects for a “School Water Well and Sanitation” Project at a Girl’s Secondary School to be built in Tanzania, Africa; as we partner with the Buffalo Sunrise Rotary Club; as well as District 7090 providing a simplified Grant for this Project.
The following projects had already been sponsored and paid out of the above mentioned budget:
·         Haiti Water for Life Project – C$2,000.00 - Water Project Partnered with Rotary Club of Ancaster, On.
·         Guatemala Dental Project – C$1,500.00 – Hands on Project by Rotarian Dr Matt and Georgette Taylor.
·         Guatemala Literacy Project – C$2,000.00 – Partner with Rotary Club of Ephrata, Washington, USA.
·         Pakistan Disaster Relief – C$1,500.00 – Disaster Aid Canada.    
Rob Welch -
In Rob’s absence, John Teibert reported that this year we had two successful Paul Harris Fellow events, and that we have met our Foundation obligation per member.  Our thanks to Rob and his committee for a job well done.
Paul Monaghan -
I am pleased to put forward the new board for 2011-2012:
President - Sheila Bristo
Past President - John Teibert
President Elect - Roseanne Morissette
Club Secretary - Cathy Henry
Club Treasurer - Debi Garneau
Club Administration - Tom Schulz
World Community Service - Najeeb Syed
Foundation - Rob Welch
Community Service - Beth Cockcroft
Vocational Service & New Generations - Kris Akilie
Public Relations - Arie Vrugteveen
Moved by Paul Monaghan
Seconded by Jim Howes
THAT the above slate of officers for the 2011-2012 be accepted as presented. All in favour. Carried.
Strategic Planning -
John reviewed our progress to date and asked the members how they would like to see the club proceed on a strategic plan for the coming year.  John suggested taking a meeting a month to figure out who we are and where we are in the process. Our SWAT analysis was shared with the club and is available on our website (as a downloadable document).  We are now caught between our SWAT analysis and our strategic direction.
It was recommended that John circulate the best 10 pages of Strategic Planning background gathered by the Strategic Planning Committee and that we devote a club meeting in the near future to discussing its contents.
Ron Kozub reported 16 members and 18 make ups for 110 per cent attendance.
As there was no further business for the good of Rotary, the General Assembly was adjourned at approximately 8:30 p.m.