General Assembly of the

Rotary Club of St. Catharines South   

March 23, 2009


President Greg welcomed everyone to the third assembly.  


National Anthem:   Cathy Henry

Toast to Queen and Canada:   Roseanne Morissette

Invocation:   Ron Kozub




President Greg advised that there are nine meetings left with seven to cover for guest speakers. 


On April 18th, District 7090 is putting on a Rotary training session for public speaking at the Quality Inn from 8:30 a.m. to 12 Noon. The cost is $50. Interested members should contact Greg. 

District 7090 is having its Gift of Flight golf tournament in Lancaster, New York on June 1st. 10 a.m. registration.  Cost is $125 U.S. per golfer. There is also a tennis program.

Karen Ting, our exchange student, needs volunteers to take her out on weekends.  Karen is staying with Jean Holbert-Leighton.  Let's get her out.

Tom Schulz reported on RYLA, occurring June 14-20, 2009 at the State University of New York in Fredonia , New York. It is a week-long personal development seminar for youth age 19-25.

Ed Telenko read a letter from the Adolescent's Family Support Services of Niagara which thanked the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South for the Howard Etherington Rotary Memorial Award.  "Our staff and children at the Dohnberg Centre will greatly appreciate the multi-unit stroller that will be purchased because of your support. This will allow more children at the Centre to reap the benefits of getting out in the fresh air for neighborhood walks." - Sandy Toth, Executive Director.

Greg acknowledged the efforts of Paul Massuet in calling members and reminding them about the General Assembly.

Matt and Georgette Taylor will be our guest speakers on April 29th.  There are six slots to fill for speakers - please help Dan Toppari.

Dan Toppari will be attending a meeting of the Niagara Falls Rotary to help promote the May gala.


Paul Monaghan advised that Friday and Saturday, he will be in Scarborough to learn how to be a Club President. 


John Teibert presented the amendments to the By-Laws of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South.

Motion to accept the By-Laws of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South as presented:

Moved by:  John Teibert

Seconded by:  Ron Kozub

All in Favour.  Motion Carried.


On behalf of Debbie Garneau, John Teibert presented the financial statements to December 31st, 2008.

Motion to accept the Financial Statements to December 31, 2008 as presented:

Moved by:  John Teibert

Seconded by:  June Manning

All in Favour.  Motion Carried.  


June Manning advised that all donations for the gala must be submitted by the third week in April. 135 tickets are now spoken for.


Rotary Foundation: 

On behalf of Sheila Bristo, Paul Massuet reminded Club members about our commitment to Every Rotarian Every Year - $100 US contribution to the Foundation. Paul encouraged Club members to visit the District 7090 website to read how other clubs are doing in their commitment to the Foundation.

Public Relations:

Cathy Henry advised that Hospice Niagara will be having an official ceremony to recognize the contributions of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South. A stone will bear the club's name.

Four Public Relations Directors of the St. Catharines Clubs met to discuss Rotary Awareness.   The Standard will be publishing a page for $1,000 with each club contributing $250 each.  There will also be a flag raising at City Hall.

With the help of John Crawford of Rotary International, pictures from the district 7090 clubs have been put on a DVD and set to music. This is a great membership tool. Our club is showcased well. Thanks to Ed Telenko for helping. The DVD will be presented in June.


Paul Monaghan advised that beginning April 6th, the club will have a 10-week membership drive.

Service Projects:

Laeticia advised that, on Friday, a candidate for the Ambassadorial Scholarship will be interviewed.        

In terms of service projects, the committee will start to brainstorm for the July 1st board meeting. One project has been earmarked.

Laeticia read a letter from Kernahan Park School, who thanked the Club for the donation used to buy books, highlighting the joy the donation has brought.


Tom Schulz was recognized for his birthday.


Happy dollars were accepted from Paul Massuet, Ed Telekno, John Teibert, Dan, John D'Ambrosio, Ron Kozub, Cathy Henry, Paul Monoghan, Laeticia, Jim Howes, Peter Snodgrass, Greg McDonald, and Najeeb.

50/50 DRAW

June had the winning ticket, but no luck at the draw.   


Ron reported 18 members and 13 make ups for over 100% attendance.