President Paul opened the assembly at 6:00 p.m. 
National Anthem: John Teibert 
Toast to Queen & Canada: Matt Taylor 
Invocation: Dan Toppari

Jason Pollock introduced Romina Flynt, potential new member.  

Najeeb Syed, serving as Sergeant-at-Arms accepted happy dollars from:  
Greg McDonald - happy to be back and his daughter received her MA from McMaster;
Dan Toppari - happy for the result of the England/USA World Cup match;
Jim Howse - happy to celebrate his birthday and to watch his granddaughter dance at the National School of Ballet;
John Teibert - enjoyed the Fireside gathering at Cathy's on Wednesday, and he was  
Was pleased that $25,000 was distributed for Ambassadorial Scholarships;
Jason Pollock - glad to be back, and he played his first (and possibly his last) game of golf;
Christopher Michael - was pleased to assist at Bingo and learn more about our club;
John D'Ambrosio - happy to celebrate his 30th wedding anniversary;
Paul Monoghan - thanked everyone for coming to the last assembly of his term;
Matt Taylor - celebrated his 40th anniversary;
Laetitia de Witt - happy that Bob did not do more damage to his finger; Bob McKay - has lost 20 pounds since college;
Sheila Bristo - thanked Chris,Kris and Beth for assisting at Bingo and was happy that their family boat is now in the water; 
June Manning - happy to see her grandchildren dance at a concert;
Cathy Henry - happy that the "underdogs" at The World cup were winning;
Ed Telenko - reverse of Bob but happy;
Najeeb Syed - that he was Sergeant-at-Arms.

50/50  DRAW

Greg drew the eight of diamonds.

President Paul advised that a card for Peter and Luci is ready to be signed and delivered on behalf of the Club.

President Paul thanked Cathy and John for the Fireside meeting on Wednesday.

Board meeting -Thursday, June 17th at the George Darte Funeral Chapel.

June 21st meeting - Rotary Medalists.

June 28th will be the last meeting of President Paul's term as President.

Tom announced one student for RYLA.

Dundas Rotarian Thie Carmody will be swimming across Lake Ontario for Polio Eradication and is looking for our support.

Club History Book is ready for distribution. President Paul thanked John and Don for their tremendous work in getting it ready.

Club Business Cards - President Paul recommended that we all get them. The cost is minimal and there is no charge for board members.

RibFest t-shirts are available for $8.00

Bingo - Greg McDonald needs help for the next bingo - June, Bob, and Laetitia volunteered.


Paul Monaghan, President's Report (as above).
John Teibert, President Elect Report:

Thanked Cathy for the Fireside meeting. There was an increase of membership this year. The committee lists have been circulated. Please mark which committee you were prefer to serve on. Canadian Tour - Golf Club - August - free advertising for companies.
Greg McDonald, Past President's Report: 

As this is his last year on the Board, he thanked the Club for the opportunity to serve. 
Sheila Bristo, Secretary's Report:

John, Roseanne, and Sheila would like to formulate a five-year strategic plan for the Club, which would involve all club members. More details in the near future. The new thank you gifts for guest speakers will be pens. Sheila thanked Ron for the year's attendance report and Norris for mail delivery.
Debi Garneau, Treasurer's Report:

Debi presented the balance sheets up to the end of March 2010. 
Roseanne Morissette, Foundation Report:

Announced Paul Massuet as a sustaining member. This brings the total number of sustaining members for the club to eight, up from six a year ago. The club's participation rate is 22 per cent. A donation of $1,000 has been made by the club to the Polio Plus Eradication program. Six Paul Harris Fellowships were awarded this year. Roseanne welcomed Rob as incoming Chair of the committee. 
Cathy Henry, Public Relations Report:

Thanked Ed especially for all his work during the year with graphics. Brochures are now complete and there is a copy on each table. There are 100 left for distribution. A special thank you to Sheila, Ed and Greg. District 7090 Public Relations campaign - Cathy thanked Roseanne for co-chairing this initiative with Paul McAfee. The club participated in a two-week radio campaign -the tag of which was meant to attract potential new members. Rotary Insert will be bigger next year. Take It To Heart Gala is November 13th, 2010. Dragon Boat Race - July 24, 2010. Noora Project - awaiting new appointment for the beginning of reconstruction of her face. Explore Niagara - a resounding success - already booked for May 2011. Iraq Rotay Club - new club with assistance from us - John and Cathy to assist Amy Ball on her return from Kurdistan. Cathy would like assistance with taking the minutes of each meeting. Up to now, it has been mostly a shared responsibility between Roseanne and Cathy.  
Laetitia de Witt, International Service Report:

Laetitia has distributed $11,000 for International Projects and is looking for new projects for 2010-2011.
John D'ambrosio, Community Service Report:

John has distributed $9,000 for local projects and is looking for new projects for 2010-2011. Dan has agreed to assist. Rotary Medals and Plaques are ready for Monday distribution. John thanked President Paul for a great year.   
Jason Pollock, Club Administration Report:

Jason thanked President Paul for a great year. He also thanked Ron for the weekly attendance report and for working the greeting desk and thanked Dan for the weekly speakers. Happily, Dan he has agreed to organize our speakers again for 2010-2011.

Sheila asked that all reports for the Committee Chairs be sent to her electronically. 


Christopher Michael reported 19 members and 10 make ups for 100 per cent attendance.

As there was no further business for the good of Rotary, President Paul adjourned the General Assembly at 7:40 p.m.