Director of Club Administration Club Assembly report (Oct 17, 2011)

Directors Reports




·         Club History

o   Don Beard/Paul Monaghan have produced a new, very classy looking “Club History”. Our current plan is to give a copy to new members. Digital copies are also available for those who would like it. Hard copies are about $10.00 each. 


·         Fellowship

o   Successful End of summer event at Dalhousie Yacht Club Aug. 22.

o   Celebrate Tour du Lac at DYC – well received.

o   Please offer suggestions as to events/activities that would be of interest. Winery tours, sausage making, other?


·         Reception

o   Pleased to report that Ernesto Carrillo, Jean Stewart and Peter Snodgrass have worked at the registration desk and are welcome additions to Ron Kozub who has done that task for a number of years. With Norris Brown’s resignation and Ron’s purchase of a camper, we clearly needed support.


·         Interclub Meetings

o   Niagara District Clubs joint meeting will be organized by the  NOTL Club. Date has not been determined.

o   David Cooperman and Rob Welch will again be the point people for our annual joint meeting with the Blasdell Club.


·         Program

o   Dan Toppari is again taking on this responsibility. If you have potential guest speakers, please discuss with him.


·         Sergeant at Arms

o   Program continues per previous years.


·         Strategic Planning

o   Your committee of John Teibert , Sheila Bristo, Jim Howes, Roseanne Morrissette and Keith Shaver are working on a Vision/Strategic Plan for our Club (with all members participating and providing input).