Minutes of the General Assembly

Call to Order: President Paul Monaghan
Anthem: Dan Toppari
Toast: John Teibert
Invocation: Ed Tolenko
Sergeant-At-Arms-Greg McDonald:
Greg: Rotary year is half over
Cathy: babysat her grandchildren and is alive to speak about it
Ron: 'cause
Bob: for Cathy having the courage to sit at the men's table
Paul: he is just so darn happy
Roseanne: she's happy too
Matt: visited his new grandbaby in Ottawa
Dan: he too is happy
Sheila:  Bingo went well on Dec 12 thanks to Sherri, Bob and Howie
John: for the fellowship at the table
Debbie: Christmas shopping is done and wrapped (show off)
Peter: more happiness
Greg: he celebrated his birthday on Saturday with chocolate mouse cake
-Board Meeting:  Dec 17, 5:30 at the funeral chapel
-Club Christmas party Dec 21 at the golf club-regular time.  RSVP to Roseanne
-No meeting Dec 28.  Next meeting is January 4, 2010.  Ralph Melanby will be talking about his new book.
-Tomorrow is Sherri's birthday
-Bingo is January 9.  Greg needs volunteers, please let him know if you can help
50/50 Draw:  Deferred to next Monday
President Elect Report-John
-there are two proposed new members being presented to the Board.  If approved next will come the three week notification then induction
-PETS meeting talked about membership. Promoting a membership strategy with the four local clubs which includes joint recruitment. If there are potential members, let them know about the upcoming recruitment.  However if they are ready now there is no need to wait for this recruitment initiative.
Past President Report-Greg
-John and Greg will be presenting next years Board.  A couple of positions need filling
Secretary Report-Sheila.
-no report
Treasurer's Report-Debbie
The financial reports were reviewed.  Moved by Debbie Garneau seconded by Ron Kozub acceptance of the financial report at September 30, 2009. Carried unanimously.
Foundation Report-Roseanne
-encouraged members to donate to EREY.  Send to the Canadian Foundation address
-Christmas party is Dec 21.  Please RSVP a count is needed for the goody bags for the kids
-the large room is confirmed with the piano
Public Relations Committee-Cathy
-Early Act at St. Theresa will have a new teacher as the current one is on leave until March.  They have completed the three prerequisites and a new teacher is being nominated.
-the Standard insert is targeted for April
-Car Rally is May 2 and it's our major fundraiser.  Get it in your calendar now and tell your friends to hold the date. There is a wonderful committee working on this.   More information to come. Three people per car are suggested.  The target is to raise $15,000.
-Hoe Down is June 5 at White Meadows.  The band is "Introduction" with possibly a guest band from Calgary.  Target is 175 people.
-Take it to Heart Gala was a great success.  Final figures are coming in. The date is November 13, 2010 for the next one and will be held at the Crown Plaza.
-Thanks to Roseanne for her excellent work on Southmouth.
Community Service -Report by Paul in John's absence
-a donation committee meeting was held at Keith's home.  Requests were reviewed. Total allocation is $11,400 not including the donation to the cath lab. The committee recommends:
·          $375 for summer camp for Autism
·          $1,500 final year of Para transit commitment
·          $3,000 for Bethlehem Place
·          $500 for the YMCA Kids Strong program
·          $3000/yr for three years for the Good Will Stokes Community Village
·          $500 for Rotary joint project of thesaurus's to schools through the two school boards targeting grade 4 students.
Total: $8,875 with the remainder to be allocated in the year
The membership requested more information on what the funds would be used for at Bethlehem Place and Good Will.
Club Administration Report-No Report
President's Report-Paul
-the four clubs are suggesting a joint Paul Harris Award night in February or March. We would present John Mann's award that evening.
-a joint fundraiser is being considered i.e.  house lottery.  Jim mentioned opportunities through a marking group with other charities for a house lottery.
International Report-No Report
Other Business
-as part of the program planning, Dan asked for input on a Niagara Culinary Institute dinner or lunch.  Dinner was preferred by those present.
-Ed updated the members on the status of the Howard Etherington fund.  Advertisements have gone out and submissions are coming in.  The fund is  $3000 for any good cause.
Attendance Report:  Ron reported 14 members in attendance plus 6 make-ups for a total of 80% attendance