Weekly Bulletin of the Rotary Club of St. Catharines South   

December 17, 2007

Rotary Shares



Call to Order:   President June Manning  

Anthem:  Paul Monahan

Toast:  Jean?

Grace:  John Klassen (Guest Speaker?) 


Guests and Visiting Rotarians:

Santa was on hand and needed no introduction. The Salvation Army Band was with us today to entertain and lead us in song! Our club members introduced their spouses and children. Always nice to see family present at this time of year.Jean Armitage from the St. Catharines Sunrise Rotary Club was our sole visiting Rotarian. Jean was selling beautiful necklaces made by aids victims in East Africa on behalf of a Rotary GSE contact.


Happy dollars were given by many as the crowd was in a generous holiday mood! Norris Brown gave a special happy dollar for the presence of Pat and Jim Shannon at our club today - great to see you both! Elizabeth also gave special happy dollars for all of the good things that have happened in her life.


June welcomed our guests and thanked them for the support they extend to the Rotarian that they live with and through them to our club and the work we do.


June Manning last week had presented our proposed slate of Club Officers for the Rotary year 2008-2009.  The proposed slate was today moved, seconded and approved as follows:


President                  Gregg MacDonald

President Elect          Paul Monahan

Treasurer                   Debbie Garneau

Secretary                   John Teibert

Past President            June Manning




Club Service               Jason Pollock

Community Service     John D'Ambrosio

International Service    Jim Hooper

Vocational Service      Sheila Bristo

At Large                     Cathy Henry


June offered congratulations and thanks for contributing to our club to those who help keep our club running. June gave special thanks to Elizabeth who made all of the arragements for today's meeting.


Elizabeth Spaan congratulated all who brought in coats and expressed her thanks to the Innerwheel who worked together with us on this important project.


Santa arrived to the Salvation Army Band playing Jingle Bells. He gave out a few gifts and double candy canes to each child! We must all thank Santa for the extra effort in coming to St. Catharines just to visit his friends in Rotary. Some pictures provided by Chris Beard appear in the Photo Journal. Thanks Chris!