Two fold newletter containing the minutes of both the Club Assembly at Dom's Pasta and Grill on May 14th, as well as the regular meeting on May 18th, enjoy!

Rotary Club of St. Catharines South

Club Assembly Agenda

Monday May 14, 2012

Dom’s Pasta and Grill

Welcome - Sheila Bristo
Oh Canada - Jean Holbert-Leighton
Toast to the Queen - John Teibert
Invocation - Jean Stewart    

First Announcement of Jeff Thomas as a potential member under the “Banking" classification.

       2. Second RYLA participant—Tom Shultz announced that there were two outstanding candidates for this year’s RYLA - Zan Dominick and Jen Rorison - moved that we sponsor both - seconded by Ron Kozub - carried

-Ian Forbes -
Happy dollars were received from Najeeb, Ron, Ian, Cathy, John T, Dan, Matt, John D, Roseanne, Keith and Debbie. Roseanne thanked the Club for giving her the opportunity to attend the International Conference in Thailand.

Financial Statements: Debbie- reviewed the reports- moved that they be accepted- seconded by Jean Holbert-Leighton- carried
Strategic Plan: Roseanne Morissette presented a very thoughtful and well defined plan for the future of our club - where communication is key It was recommended that at the beginning of each year - the new Board should read and adjust the plan according to the current needs of the club. Mentorship of all new members is recommended - Paul Monaghan is the mentor for Michael Kevorkian, Ed Telenko for Colin Sines and Ian Forbes for David Martineau. Roseanne thanked all members of the committee and moved the acceptance of this report- seconded by John D’ambrosio- carried
Discussions with Sunrise: Sheila presented the request from The Sunrise Rotary Club to amalgamate with our Club- 9-13 members. Classifications and legalities were discussed.

Jean Stewart- moved that “The Rotary Club of St. Catharines South welcome the Sunrise Club with the provision that all due diligence re: financial commitments and legalities be conducted” seconded - Cathy Henry - carried unanimously. To commence July 1, 2012

50/50 Draw- Matt Taylor - 6 Hearts

Attendance- Ron Kozub - 17 members, 16 make ups, 100%

Next meeting - May 28 Speaker Anita Pizycki C.A, professional coaching

Adjournment: meeting adjourned at 8:45 P.M.

                                                                                          Rotary Club of St. Catharines South
                                                                             AGENDA – May 28, 2012

12:15 p.m. Call to Order:   Presiding – President Elect Roseanne Morissette

 1. National Anthem: Jim Hooper

 2. Toast to the Queen & Canada: Cathy Henry

 3. Invocation: Jim Howes

 4. Lunch (reconvene at 12:30)

 5. Introduction of Guests and Visiting Rotarians: Ron Kozub introduced five guests, Chris Bangham (Chris brought an assistant from Hospice Niagara) and Ross MacDonald from the Downtown club, Jeff Thomas (our newest prospective member) and Anita Pizycki our guest speaker

 6. Sergeant-at-Arms: Jean Stewart took happy dollars today – Jean and Don for the Motorcycle Ride for Dad; Jeff Thomas survived laying sod; Chris Bangham for the Canadian success in the Italian BikeTour; May must be popular wedding month as a number of Rotarians gave happy dollars in celebration of their anniversaries

 7. Announcements:

 i. Chris Bangham, representing Hospice Niagara, announced this year’s 5 Car Draw, and had raffle tickets to sell

 ii. This is the third and final announcement of Jeff Thomas as a prospective new member.  His classification will be banking.  Jeff will be inducted soon.

 iii. Bingo – John provided an update; thanked Ron and Donna Kozub, and Colin Sines for helping out at this Saturday’s bingo, It was a “free” bingo and we still raised over $1,000 for the pool. The next bingos are Friday June 8th and Saturday June 23rd – we’re looking for volunteers.

 iv The June 11 meeting will be at Goodwill Niagara in the old Stokes Seeds building—36 Page St. We will be presenting Goodwill Niagara with the final $3,000 cheque of our three year commitment. The meeting will include a tour of the facility and lunch. The regular lunch rate will apply. An invite will come out through club runner to confirm the #s. Hopefully lots of members will be able to attend to learn and see first hand the great work of Goodwill.

 v. Board Meeting is June 13 at Sheila’s house. This is our last board meeting for the Rotary year. Current and new board members are invited to attend to celebrate a great year and look ahead to a new one. The Board members of Sunrise Club are also invited.  It begins at 7pm.  Appetizers will be served.  The Fireside that was being planned for this evening will be held on a future date.

 vi. Merger Update:  As was approved at the last club assembly, our club’s executive together with the Sunrise club’s executive is proceeding with meetings and discussions concerning our two clubs becoming one.  Our latest meeting was on Friday May 25, where we meet with Willy Heidbuechhel, our area’s Assistant Governor, to determine if there were any protocols to be followed in this process.  This type of joining of clubs is new to our District and as far as Willy and DG John Heise are aware, there are no protocols. Willy’s suggestion was that both clubs write a joint letter to the District outlining what we are doing and that this merger has been approved by both clubs at a club assembly. That’s our next step and that is underway. The goal is for both clubs to join as one effective July 1, 2012

 vii. Tour du Lac – Ian announced the progress in the Tout du Lac to date.  We have over $10,000 in sponsorships, we have over $13,000 pledged for the riders. So far we have 18 around the lake riders and only a few one day riders. WE NEED MORE RIDERS, especially one day riders. If you know of anyone that might be interested in riding have them contact Ian. If you can’t ride, please PLEDGE A RIDER on the tour website Get your friends and acquaintances to PLEDGE A RIDER as well. The more pledges we get and the more riders we get, the closer to our goal of $50,000 we’ll get.

 viii Take it to Heart Gala – Cathy announced that to date 250 tickets have been sold (we sell up to 400). We are now looking for cash donations and sponsors. If you are able to do either, please contact Cathy Henry.  This promises to be a exciting wonderful evening and we are hoping to be able to make a cheque presentation of $750,000 to the NHS meeting our pledge to the Heart Investigative Unit in the new hospital.  Cumulative donations of $5,000 over the years will receive a named plaque displayed in the hospital.  The gala is Saturday November 10, 2012 and tickets are $175 per person. In addition to a gourmet meal paired with wine and dancing to an excellent band, there will also be a silent auction.

 ix There were no other announcements.

 8. Birthdays to announce: none

 9. 50/50 Draw: $2/ ticket – Goal – to draw one black ace from the deck. Ron Kozub drew the 9 of diamonds.

 10. Early Leavers – There were some

 11. Introduction of Guest Speaker (by Dan T.): Anita Pizycki C.A, professional coaching.

Anita Pizycki coaches Professionals and Business Owners to build their businesses, doing what they enjoy most, while moving toward a richly balanced life. She does this by helping clients determine what they want from their businesses and their lives and then helps them design a plan to get there.  She then holds them accountable using biweekly phone meetings.

Anita received her designation as a Charted Accountant in 1986, worked in all size firms and then operated her own accounting practice from 1995-2003. She also served as a contract CFO for numerous companies, which included duties in corporate strategy, human resources, acquisitions, operations, etc.

During her work as a CA, she found she was more interested in the people issues then the numbers which led her to the coaching industry. In 2004 she opened the Professional Coaching Company and has worked with hundreds of clients in North America.

Anita lives in St. Catharines with her spouse and daughter.

Anita started by explaining why some would need a professional coach – to get control back over your business.

Even though Anita is a CA, she doesn’t focus on the numbers. Her first step is to understand her client’s values and then to look at their goals based on those values.

Anita gave some tips on how to handle difficult people, on time management, energy management, and referral systems and how to use the internet to say thank you.

12. Thanking the Speaker: John Teibert

13. Attendance Report: Ron Kozub reported 14 in attendance, 10 make-ups and 5 guests = 75%

14. Next meeting:   June 4, 2012 – Guest Speaker is Brian Merritt – Topic War of 1812 Events

15. Quote of the Day: I have learned that people will forget what you said; people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel - Maya Angelou