Citizen Diplomacy
Jun 09, 2022
Pat Watson
Citizen Diplomacy

Pat has been the Executive Director of Citizen Diplomacy Alliance since 2010, shortly after moving to Tucson from Southeastern Iowa. 
She joined Rotary in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa in 1997 and continued in Rotary when moving to Tucson and then Thatcher, AZ in 2009.

Citizen Diplomacy Alliance is a not for profit organization with works with the Department of State in hosting international visitors from around the world that are sent to the US to learn about subjects they are involved in at home. These may be law enforcement, education, border issues, wildlife, archeology, judicial system, health care, tribal governance and lifestyles, water issues or any number of other areas that we are qualified to present to the world.
CDA (formerly known as Tucson Council for International Visitors) has hosted thousands of internationals who leave here thinking that America isn't as they had thought. They all comment on how kind and hospitable the people are (and how hot it is in the summer!)
There are 92 other organizations like CDA across the US, each willing to share their culture and knowledge with the visitors.