May 19, 2022
Myron Donald

     Myron L. Donald has been to every state, every continent and more than 80 countries.

     He was once upon a time fairly fluent in Spanish, French and German, but edits the Club bulletin and the District newsletter in English.

     He is a retired Air Force officer, fighter pilot and finish carpenter.

     He grew up on a corner of his grandfather’s farm near Moravia, a town in central New York. His dad was a carpenter; his mother was a housewife.  He has two younger brothers and a younger sister, three sons, three grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

     One son is a registered nurse, another is a mechanical engineer at Raytheon and the third is a computer programmer and materials tester for prosthetics.

     He graduated from the Air Force Academy with a BS in Basic Science in 1965, entered basic pilot training at Craig AFB, Selma, AL, just a few months after Martin Luther King, Jr.’s civil rights march to Montgomery, then transitioned to the F-4 Phantom II at George AFB, Victorville, CA, before heading off to Ubon Royal Thai Air Force Base in September, 1967.

     After flying mostly night truck-hunting missions over Viet Nam and Laos, he was shot down by a Mig-21on a day mission near Hanoi during the Tet Offensive in February, 1968, and immediately captured after parachuting into a rice paddy.  He was released in March, 1973, after more than five years as a POW.

     After receiving an MA in English Literature from the UofA, he was assigned to Ramstein AB, Germany for four years and then finally to Griffiss AFB in Rome, NY.

     He retired to Tucson in 1986, joined Tucson Sunrise Rotary and returned to the UofA for an MBA in Entrepreneurship.

     He then worked for 25 years as a finish carpenter before completely retiring in 2012.

     He continues to travel whenever possible, reads lots of pulp fiction, goes to plays, concerts, and movies, attends many adult-education classes and is a ballroom and country dancer.