Aviation - Then and Now
Nov 14, 2019
Roger Benninger
Aviation - Then and Now

Mr. Benninger is a retired USAF combat fighter pilot with 6000 hours of flying time in four different fighter weapon system aircraft.  His aviation career spans four decades.

Additional flying experience includes 10,000 hours as a luxury business/private aircraft instructor in the Learjet 60 and Challenger 601 aircraft.

Late aviation career endeavors involve Virtual Combat Exercise Instructor, Subject Matter Expert for Operational Test and Evaluation of the F-35 weapon system, Aviation Director for the creation of a university-level aviation program and Unmanned Aerial System Academic Instructor for the U. S. Army and U. S. Marines.

He and his wife, Sharon are "adopted" Arizona natives with more than 25 years in Tucson.  They enjoy two children, Lezlee whose family lives in New Jersey after a successful acting career at the U of A in Musical Theater and a son Cole whose family lives in Tucson after a rigorous achievement of a Masters Degree in Architecture from the U of A.

He is pleased to offer his aviation insights with you today.