Posted by Stu Butler on December 17th, 2018
Our Club's contract with the St. Catharines Golf and Country Club includes a guaranteed minimum attendees for the meeting each week. Should we not reach the minimum, the Club is charged for those missed meals.
  • On December 13th, there were 52 members and 1 guests in attendance. Our guaranteed minimum for that meeting was 55. This means we will owe the Golf Club for 2 meals.

President's Welcome:

The meeting was opened by President Rick by letting us know it was International Jewish Book Day, International Violin Day and that only 1/3 of the Club had paid their dues!
Grace was said by Glen Sparks and Oh Canada led by Rachel Delaney.

Head Table Introductions:

  • The Speaker: Club Assembly
  • Sergeant at Arms: Heather Combe
  • Head Table Guests: Margaret Jarrell - Centennial Committee Update
  • Introducing the Guests: Rachel Delaney

Introduction of Guests:

  • Mike Huang, guest of Rob DePetris

Rotary Story:

Margaret Jarrell, Chair of the Centennial Committee provided a committee update. We were reminded that Chris Blake had the vision and the Fry Foundation has provided the seed money. The committee mandate is to follow Rotary guidelines to create a St. Catharines success story. The committee has decided on a housing campus, has hired a consultant at the urging of the City and have approached the Niagara Region for funding. The municipal elections have delayed the project somewhat. The new council will review the project in January.
Questions from Rick Radowsky about the timeline (unknown), Oksana Fisher about a risk assessment to the Club (not done yet) and Lezlie Murch about the Fry Foundation commitment. Once the project is completed the management of the facility will shift to the City.
Posted by Stu Butler on December 17th, 2018

Club Assembly:

Auditors Report June 30 2018 by Larry Iggulden – because our organizations takes in cash donations the auditor has no guarantee that it is a clean audit. There are two funds the General fund and the Fundraising fund. In 2018 RibFest was off due to the inclement weather. The Club is on solid financial footing with cash reserves and two excellent fundraisers. The golf tournament is looking for a major sponsor. If you have questions about the audit or Club financials please email Laura Hills our Club Treasurer.
President Rick outlined a Club dues survey that was done. Our Club is the most expensive in the region but then we are the only Club with a part time staff member. This accounts for most of the difference.
Club Secretary John Burroughs presented the results of the Board of Directors vote. 69% of the Club participated in the vote. The new Directors are Chris Bangham, Heather Combe, Jackie Van Lankveld and Trevor Van Nest. A motion by Rick Merritt to destroy the ballots was seconded by Jean Armitage and passed unanimously.
Sandy Holloway has accepted the role of President for the 2021-2022 Rotary year. The convention will be in Taiwan.
Posted by Stu Butler on December 17th, 2018


  • Please bring your Auction signs in.
  • Rotary team going to Brazil is looking for three members with some healthcare background.
  • Paul Harris Awards went to Scott Schappert and Lezlie Murch for their ongoing support of the foundation.


  • December 12th - Jagdish Mehta
  • December 13th - Ron Delia and John Pekar


  • None this week.

Happy Dollars

Happy Dollars by Mark Zammitt
  • Due to time constraints we had a quick Happy Dollars were led by curling phenom Mark Zammit. Mark went through some of the history of the club covering fundraisers from the 1930-40’s. Minstrel shows and other musical entertainment was tried with varying success.
  • . Chris Bangham was happy about a family cruise.
  • Jean Armitage thanked Rick Radowsky for an excellent Auction.
  • Brian St Hilaire congratulated the new Directors and reminded us that Bill Finley was a major supporter of a Rotary bursary at Brock University that continues to support incoming students.

50 - 50 Draw

  • Dr. Ken Taylor had the lucky number but could not draw the Ace and the $57 pot will continue to grow.

Coming Next Week

Next week's meeting will be: Christmas Meeting

President's Sign-off

  • President Rick closed with - Thank you for being here… IT MATTERS!... and “Remember… BE the Inspiration" out there!
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