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Bulletin - July 06, 2017 - #1
The New Rotary Year
The meeting was opened by President George Darte,
Grace was offered by Jacquie Herman-Wing
O Canada started by Rick Evans.
Head Table:
Rick Vanderkuip, to introduce our speaker
Incoming President Vicky Rudachuk
President George Darte
Sergeant at Arms Larry Iggulden 
Rotarian John Burroughs
Jennifer Hansen, Dinner & Registration
Blaine MacDougall, guest & husband of Vicky Rudachuk
Ella Sendzik, guest of Walter Sendzik
John Burroughs began the program by expressing his pleasure at working this year with President George and how honoured he was to receive this year’s Complin Cup award.
John then administered the oath of office to the President, Officers and Board of Directors, ending with the installation of our new Rotary Club President, Vicky Rudachuk.
Rick Vanderkuip introduced President Vicky, noting she joined our club in February, 2005 and Maurice Gomme was her sponsor.  Her family consists of husband Blaine MacDougall
and daughters Talia and Hillary.  Vicky is owner of Midas Auto Service.
President Vicky’s address began with her speaking about her evolving journey of Rotary, and thanked Maurice for introducing her to the club, her husband for his support and encouragement,
and to Past President George for being an excellent mentor and tutor.
Her plans for or club during her year are to retain and grow membership, look for more service opportunities, explore more fundraising opportunities and increase recognition of our club.
She spoke of the recent convention in Atlanta.  Highlights included the raising of the Rotary flag, uniting all those present; the powerful message of polio eradication indicated by the
white glowing bracelets as she listened to Bill Gates pledge further financial support; wrestler John Cena’s words to ‘drop to zero’ as the new pledge for the final push;
Ashton Kutcher’s encouragement to end human trafficking; and civil rights activist Andrew Young’s advice to take advantage of opportunities.
Some changes President Vicky is hoping our club will embrace is a hybrid online Rotary auction this year as well as the new monthly report by Committee Chairs to record the
number of volunteer hours and that cost to RI.
To raise awareness of environmental sustainability we are encouraged to plant a tree for each member.  Our goal is +3 new members this year and to this end, President Vicky
encourages us all to wear our Rotary pins as much as possible.  It’s great advertising and may lead to some great conversations.
Beginning in August, one month each meeting will not have a scheduled speaker.  Instead, it will be considered a fellowship/classification meeting, which also leaves the opportunity
for a speaker to be slotted in at short notice.  Our Christmas/holiday season will have special speakers – this Christmas will feature comedian Joe Pillitteri.
On a final note, President Vicky mentioned that, according to Rotary convention speaker Andrew Young, "When people ask ‘what is Rotary?, rephrase the question for them,
to ‘WHO is Rotary?’  And the answer is ‘We are people of action.  People of service.  Together we connect…..inspire…… communities…….end polio.”
President Vicky was thanked by the club with a round of applause.
Liz Palmieri sent members an email and asked everyone to sign up for shifts at Ribfest.
July 4 – Howard Lackie, Art Wing, Larry Kent
July 6 – Betty-Lou Souter
A round of applause was provided for the birthday revelers.
5 years on July 5, 2012 – Anne Atkinson, sponsored by Carol Henderson
Happy Dollars:
--Norma Medulun Burke carried the basket today and was happy to have baked cookies with her seven year old great-nephew.
--Rick Merritt brought the club greetings from former exchange student Eric Doerksen.
--Art Wing is happy to have celebrated his birthday.  He posted his year of birth as 1905 on Facebook, but no one from the club made any comments. 
He was also happy to be a member of this club for many years.
--Liz Palmieri read a note of thanks from Gillian at the Niagara Furniture Bank for our efforts with the drop-off day.
--Joel Chatterton thanked Past President George and looks forward to this year working with President Vicky.
--Larry Kent is happy the Ribfest sponsorship job is coming to an end and encourages everyone to let him know of any commitments as soon as possible. 
Packages will be prepared at the upcoming Fellowship Night.
--Jagdish Mehta gave $50 for his 50 years of living in Canada.  He landed in Winnipeg on July 1, 1967; a Trudeau was soon to become Prime Minister and another Trudeau has taken up the post.
--April Feasby offered congratulations to George and Vicky and let us know she has Hospice’s 5 Car Draw tickets for anyone interested.
--Sam Walters thanked George and congratulated Vicky.  He also referenced an article he received from his cousin that showed how Rotary changes the world.  A young Austrian girl of Jewish heritage
had a pen pal in England by the name of Muriel.  At the time of World War II, the young girl wrote about conditions where she lived; Muriel was concerned and took the letter to her father. 
The father then shared the letter with his fellow Rotary Club members, who took action and raised funds to bring the young girl from Austria to England.  The young girl lived with Muriel and her father
and Muriel’s sister – Margaret Thatcher.
--Rachel Delaney echoed thanks to George and Vicky and was proud to be a Canadian this Canada Day.  She suggested we keep celebrating to the extent we did this year.
--Dave Sherlock was proud his Uncle Nick Stepanchuk will be one of two veterans being recognized by the Legion in Port Colborne.  Nick spent four years in a prison camp in Hong Kong.
--Maurice Gomme was pleased to have sponsored Vicky and recruited her through her connection with our Rotary TV Auction.
--Cindy Mewhinney noted how much Vicky cares about Rotary and the amount of preparation she’s put in prior to becoming President. 
--Ron Fast proclaimed it’s only one month to Ribfest.  He thanked those who have signed up for shifts, is putting the finishing touches on the event and hopes we raise a lot of money.
--Lezlie Murch thanked George and looks forward to working with Vicky.  She was also pleased to have attended the graduation ceremony at Collegiate to present the awards to
our two Rotary Medallists – Laurene Carter and Desmond Taylor.
--Blaine MacDougall congratulated his lovely wife and extended thanks to the club for the experience of attending the amazing Rotary conference.
--Rick Vanderkuip added his congratulations to George and Vicky.  He is proud of his son Karl, who received a Young Professional’s Award through the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce.
--George Darte, in his always humble way, thanked Vicky for taking the job.
The new Rotary banner was unveiled with the motto for this year, ‘Rotary Making a Difference’.
50/50 draw:
April Feasby couldn’t pull the ace so the $497 pot grows.
President Vicky closed the meeting.
Next Week:  Dan Barrett – that’s all we know, come next week to find out more about him.
President Elect Rick Vanderkuip handing pin over to President Vicky Rudachuk and Outgoing President George Darte gives them the gift of rabbit ears.
Outgoing President  and Incoming President being congratulated by Eugene Gillies and Gerry Repple
President Nominee Terry McDougall
Art Wing - many things to many people
Jennifer Hansen - Dinner & Registration Chair
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