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  President Terry congratulated all the members during national volunteer week. 
  Grace By: Margaret Jarrell
  Oh Canada By:Rick Evans and Friends
  Introducing the Speaker: Ken Taylor

Speaker: John Crossingham

John told us a little bit about what he has been doing since his retirement. He shared with us his love for wine. He is a member of the International Food and Wine Society. John explained the two different ways to make wine and its components.

Regarding the Niagara region he told us that our cool climate allows the grapes to mature in two fashions: At the same time their sugar levels are going up, their acid levels are dropping and that operates separately from the variable flavour maturity.

These ideal conditions can be seen in the excellent wine in our region. “We are privileged to live here and I urge you to go out and support the wineries, not only due to the economic times but because you should pamper yourself.”

Try the brown paper back trick: Take the best wine you think you have, and try it blind. A lot of people like to “drink labels.” He said. John was happy to provide us with a list of recommended wines. Enjoy!


Recommended Wines:

Riesling: Flat rock, Vineland, Cave Spring, 30 Bench

Sauvignon Blanc: Creekside, Peninsula Ridge

Chardonnay: 16 mile, Westcott, Trius

Gamay: Chateau des Charmes, 

Pinot Noir:  Malivoire, Rosewood, 16 mile

Cabs: Laura's blend Creekside, Henry of Pelham, any of the big winery's $15 options

Syrah/Shiraz: Creekside, Peninsula Ridge

Niagara College is great for Reds and Chardonnay (They meddle well)

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John Nirsopoulos - 20 Years
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April 24 - Ellen Schonewille
April 25 - Joel Chatterton

Margaret Jarrell: She is thankful for her neighbours who have been taking her yard waste away.

Rob DeWolf: He has been looking into the Happy Ralph project proposal and is looking forward to seeing this happening. He said: “We need things to look forward to”. He is happy to join the meeting along with everyone else. 

Liz Palmieri: She is encouraging members to take the survey re: Rodman Hall. Visit the city website. 

Lezlie: Told us about her mom and her ability to learn how to use an iPhone. They are staying connected through Facebook, WhatsApp and FaceTime - She is 91 years old!

Joel Chatterron: Recommended Dan Giancola fitness to stay fit while in isolation. He is offering FREE online classes. Follow his facebook and tune in every day at 10:30am.

Terry McDougal: Golf Club has confirmed, they will stay close until June 1st.