Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
Bulletin - July 27 2017 - #4
President Vicky opened the meeting. 
Grace was said by Anne Atkinson
O Canada was started by Rick Evans
A toast to the Queen and Canada         ​​
The head table was introduced:
Margaret Jarrell Rotary story and speaker introduction
Arlene McKechnie our speaker
Vicky Rudachuk President
Larry Iggulden Sergeant-at-Arms
Chris Bangham thanking the speaker
Jean Armitage to introduce our guests.
Don Hetherington
Jansin Ozkur
Rotary Story:
Margaret Jarrell gave an update on the Centennial Committee.
(Readers – please go to Club Runner under Private Documents / Centennial Committee / 2017-2018 Reports for this full report)
Margaret then stayed at the podium to introduce our speaker. Arlene McKechnie came as a representative and past-president of TEMBO a Canadian based charity – Tanzania Education and
Micro-Business Opportunity. In Tanzania there is a body which oversees Tembo projects, which are mostly in or near Longido, north west of the capital Dar es Salaam. In Canada, the focus is on
raising awareness, telling the story, and raising funds. The main purpose of her visit was to update us on the success of the $10,000 we had donated last year.
Arlene told her story, warmly thanked our club for the donation, and revealed that 56 small businesses had been started as a result.
(Readers – please go to Club Runner under Private Documents /International Community Service Committee / 2017-2018 Reports for this complete presentation)
Chris Bangham warmly thanked the speaker - clearly a wonderful project. He noted that we do not have a bottle of wine, which might be expected by visitors to the Niagara Region, but that a
donation to the Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre had been made on her behalf.
John Burroughs presided over the vote concerning a club endowment fund. An amendment to the motion, concerning our club’s commitment to the Rotary Foundation, was made by Jacquie Wing.
Discussion ensued, and the motion was withdrawn, but the last sentence of the original motion was removed. It now read:
“That the club commit a minimum of $10,000 towards the establishment of an endowment fund with the Niagara Community Foundation, payable over the next three years, recognising that the
minimum may be reached through the inclusion of individual donations”
The vote was called, and the motion passed with two dissenters.
In his absence, Henry Becker was congratulated for his 40 year anniversary with the club.
Unfortunately, there was no time for Happy Dollars.
50/50 Draw
President Vicky then announced the 50/50 draw winning ticket number, which was claimed by Margaret Jarrell – but she could not draw an ace. The pot grows – again!
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