Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.
Bulletin - July 13 2017 - #2
President Vicky opened the meeting. 
Grace was said by Dave Sherlock
O Canada was started by Rick Evans
A toast to the Queen and Canada         ​​
The head table was introduced:
Mike Allen to introduce our Speaker
Dan Barrett our Speaker
Vicky Rudachuk President
Larry Iggulden Sergeant-at-Arms
Art Wing Rotary Story
Jean Armitage to introduce our guests.
Yovko Antonov - guest of Art Wing
Flemming Christensen - gust of Art Wing 
Meagan Flus - Hospice Niagara - guest of April Feasby
Barb Banwell - guest of Peter Banwell
Rotary Story:
Art Wing told the story of Yovko Antonov a guest from Bulgaria, whose life had been changed by the Youth Exchange program. Building on this year’s Rotary theme of Making a Difference,
Art began with the start of Rotary in Bulgaria in 1990, and took us through Yovko’s exchange student experience in 2004. He now holds a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from university in Denmark,
which could lead to a doctorate. Art thanked this club for their continued support of the Youth Exchange program.
Mike Allen introduced Dan Barrett who has been a management consultant for 25 years.
In his short presentation Dan praised the Rotary motto “Service above Self” then told us of his own 4-word motto “Sincerely Help People Consistently” He spent some time with each word, emphasizing the
importance of respect and lack of bias – withholding judgement.
Ted Usick ably thanked the speaker. For her year, President Vicky has chosen to recognize speakers with a club donation in their name to the Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre.
We congratulated Jacquie Herman-Wing on her 5-year anniversary.
There were no birthdays.
Peter Kudriekis reminded us that next Tuesday (the third Tuesday of each month) is Pub Night.
Chris Bangham introduced a 10-day notice for the launching of a Club Endowment Fund, committing the club to $10,000 over 3 years. This was followed by Q & A. The motion had been
electronically supported by the board but still required board ratification. (The ratification took place immediately after the meeting, and the 10-day notice was subsequently sent to members,
with a voting date of July 27th)
Happy Dollars:
Sam Walters carried the basket, and after a couple of bad jokes received loonies from the following:
John Nitsopoulos – delighted to announce that the Days Inn will become a Hampton Inn
Ted Usick – appreciated the speaker, and congratulated Jean Armitage on her hair-do – coloured red for Canada Day
Liz Palmieri – requested all sign up for Ribfest – lots of places yet to be filled
Chris Bangham – cute story about his granddaughter
George Bench – proud of his 17-year old daughter who has taken up rowing seriously, and captured a gold medal in BC
Ron Fast – repeated Liz’s request for Ribfest sign-up, and gave some Facebook advice for spreading the word – ‘like it’ and ‘share it’. (I guess Facebook people know what that means)
Jacquie Herman-Wing – proud that her granddaughter had a prestigious job
Margaret Jarrell – hats off to John Crossingham’s KERBs, modelled round appreciation of wine – looking at making it a standing committee!
Jagdish Mehta and Sam then swapped jokes about Jewish doctors (this one was better Sam!)
Rick Radowsky – was appreciative of the speaker, and kudos to Ellis Katsoff for helping with an employee’s daughter
Dan Barrett – thanked Mike Allen for saying “it’s a pleasure” in response to a ‘thank you’, instead of “no problem”, which has become so ridiculously part of the common lexicon.
Art Wing – looking for another ear test from Mike Pihura, because he apparently is still not listening!
Then Sam told another joke – this time right up to par!
So at the end of her first real and very successful meeting, President Vicky then announced the 50/50 draw winning ticket number, which was claimed by Past President George Darte
– but he could not draw an ace. The pot grows!  
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