No meeting Monday, September 2nd, 2013

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Rotary District Monday (August 26th, 2013) Musing #7

The Polio Challenge, known as 'Polio 35' is proceeding well and AG David Countway of Alton Centennial has graciously offered to service and maintain the separate web site. Stay tuned for news and word from him. Another, very gracious and generous, AG has offered to match funds.  Again, stay tuned. Remember to have your Treasurer send the funds to the Polio Plus Foundation fund. 
Not a great many of your Clubs have sent in pieces on your projects, fund raisers or other success stories for the newsletter .  District Newsletter Editor Dennis needs your input by August 28th.  Likewise the response to my note asking for fund raiser details for Dick Rohe's study has drawn but four replies to date - I appreciate it is summer and many members are away - but this takes just a couple of minutes.  Knock it out and send it in.  This is not Nobel Prize for Literature stuff. 
I omitted mention, by error, of a wonderful event last week when members of some seven NH clubs took part assisting veterans at a Car Show Cruise near the NHVA Hospital. So enjoyed by the veterans and heart warming to the Rotarians. This Sunday afternoon seventeen of the twenty Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) scholars - the others arrive soon - gathered at the Okemo Mountain Sugar Shack with the Rotary Club Youth Exchange Officers (YEO's) and hosts.  Your District is one of the most active and successful in the USA; think about your club becoming involved and when you see Bob Macdonald, Jim Rumrill, Phil Ehret or Kathie Stone, thank them for their service. 

Meeting Notes

David Hoopes provided us a great update our district.

Peter Cross asked me to post the weeks invocation.

Lord, the fellowship that gathers us today makes no judgments and asks no questions - it simply allows us to be who we are. It's here where we celebrate our similarities, and learn through our differences.    
We ask that you grant us the ability to:
Live without pretending.
Love without depending.
Listen without defending.
Speak without offending.

Rotary Analogist

"Trial section", I need you help and submissions to feed this section in the future. I see the objective is to find interesting examples that can be analogist to Rotary efforts, events, assistance targets, missions, and guidance. I suspect this exercise might inspire new ideas which may be cultivated into meaningful contributions. Your feedback and discussion is welcomed.

The following URL is to a video introduction to the Corpus Clock. This introduction was created prior to its September 19th, 2008 debut outside the Taylor Library at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University. The analogy to Rotary I identified is the innovative modern design based on an escapement movement invent by John Harrison in 1722. I find this innovative effort to be analogist to the efforts RI efforts to innovate with the times to gain and retain members. One example come to mind the more relaxed attendance rules. And valuing and recognizing members efforts and time for Rotary events and fundraisers in addition to weekly meeting attendance.