Speaker for September 16th, 2013 - Ann Harrison

Ann grew up in Maryland, and her family spent summers in Rockport, Mass where they had a family house. Ann had always been interested in travel and the outdoors. She started out studying Animal Science in college and ended up with a Information Science degree many years later. 
Ann has worked in Maryland, Montana, England, Australia, New Zealand and New Hampshire. she met her Australian husband in New Zealand while traveling through the Youth Hostel network. They have 2 children, and she works at the Peterborough Library part-time as a circulation librarian. Ann will give a talk about Geocaching in general and what it is like to search for caches around Peterborough. Ann has been Geocaching since February 2011 when she found her first geocache just up the road from the family house in Rockport, Mass. Geocaching is the activity of looking for containers hidden by others. Sometimes it is called "looking for Tupperware in the woods with a space-age device." She has found 196 caches to date. People hide a container (various sizes) usually in the woods and then post the geographic coordinates on a website for others to search for with their GPS. The containers usually have small trinkets/toys for trading called SWAG (Stuff We Get). Anyone can search for them. Geocaches can be hidden in cities or countryside. To have a preview look at the primary geocaching website, http://www.geocaching.com


End Polio Campaign

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Excerpt from Weekly Monday Muse Issues #9 (News)

Also this past week David Hoopes (DG) signed the interim documents to formalize the start of the re-birth of the Claremont Rotary Club of New Hampshire. 

Cruz-In - September 8th, 2013




Meeting Notes

September 9th, 2013 - Boo Martin and Trish Twining from Touchstone Farm 
For more information on Touchstone Farm please go to http://www.touchstone-farm.org/