Speaker for October 7th, 2013 - Kathy Harrington and Kelly Steiner from Monadnock United Way
"The Collective Impact Director of the Monadnock United Way"

Kathy Harrington, President of the Monadnock United Way and Kelly Steiner, the Collective Impact Director of the Monadnock United Way. Kathy Harrington has been President of the Monadnock United Way, with Headquarters in Keene, for the past three years. She has worked in the non-profit sector for the past fifteen years. Before assuming her duties as President she served on the Board of Directors and has fulfilled various volunteer roles at the Monadnock United Way for the past ten years. Before her duties with the Monadnock United Way, she was the Executive Director of Stonewall Farm in Keene which is a non-profit working dairy farm and educational center. She is a member of the Elm City Rotary Club and she is a native of the Monadnock Region. 
Kelly Steiner joined the Monadnock United Way in October, 2012. The Monadnock United Way, has been in business for over 61 years, distributes about 2.3 million dollars per year to 46 different worthy organizations. Kelly Steiner, as the Collective Impact Director of the Monadnock United Way, works with the staff, volunteers, residents, organizations, community leaders and investors to develop and implement results-based strategies that focus on strengthening local assets to improve community well being. Kelly’s background has been in preventive work efforts in the substance abuse arena.

Wilder Park Update
Bob Hanson provided the following update:

Wow, the beavers are still at it.

In the last week, I have noticed the following improvements at the site:

  • Several fence plaques installed
  • Two benches are fixed to heavy stones (three more to go) – no one will steal them!!!
  • The stone bench for Paul’s corner has been installed

Still lots of work to do, but amazing progress in last three weeks.

John Kaufhold deserves lots of thanks – much of the recent effort was his.   He may even have put up the plaques on the fence sections – not sure about that.
Note: He installed the stone bench in Paul’s corner.

Note: please contact Pam if you would like to contribute and/or get a plaque.


Meeting Notes for September 30th, 2013

Dick reported on behalf of Charitable Committee of the following recent grants:

  • $1000 - Boulder Colorado Rotary Club Foundation for disaster relief forthose persons affected by recent flood waters in Northern Colorado.
  • $1000 - Town of Peterborough for support of the construction of a kitchen atthe Community Center to serve the Peterborough area community.
  • $1000 - Windy Row for support of those Conval  and local area students withreading disabilities associated with dyslexia.
  • $250 - Southern NH Services for support of costs for a summer busing program to the ocean and other places for children from Riverview and Pineview complexes in Peterborough.
  • $750 - Brantwood Camp, Peterborough for support of scholarships for the boys and girls summer camps serving inner-city youngsters from Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey,


Congratulations for President Pam on her recent "Award for Career Development in Memory of L. P. Cookingham
Pamela L. Brenner, Town Administrator, Town of Peterborough, New Hampshire". This award recognizes an outstanding local government administrator who has made a significant contribution to the career development of new talent in professional local government management.  Pam was selected from her 3000+ peers. Pam a a huge asset to Rotary and Town of Peterborough.

Technical Note

ClubRunner support responded to my support ticket for format problem printing the emailed e-Bulletin. This is the answer "The best method to print the bulletin is to open the bulletin in a web browser such as Google Chrome and print directly from the browser. The reason the Chrome is recommended is the print preview functions is easy to work with." So it seems they aren't supporting client based email applications for printing.