Speaker for Monday, November 25th, 2013 - Bob Hanson "Update on the Development of Wilder-Rotary Park”
Bob grew up is Saco, Maine - where the Saco River, which starts in the White Mountains of NH meets the ocean. He spent much of my youth at the many local beaches and nearby lakes.
From a young age he was interested in science, so went to engineering school. Bob was initially a bit overwhelmed by the studies, but ended up finding metallurgy about mid-way through and loved my studies from then on.
He went to work for Fafnir Bearing Company in New Britain, CT in 1967 and spent the rest of my working life in the bearing business.
He got married to my home town girl friend, Laura, in April 1969. They have daughters locally.
The older daughter, Annelies, works for Marriott in Palm Desert, CA and lives in Idyllwild, 5,300 ft high in the mountains. The younger daughter, Erica, lives in Newburyport for Newburyport Development Company, which runs two restaurants. Her office overlooks a marina. Laura started FirstTracks Marketing with two others in 2009, and it continues to be very successful. 
In the late 70's they liked Connecticut, but decided they wanted to move back North, so they started looking for opportunities. In 1977 Bob joined MPB in Keene.
He also worked at their facility in Lebanon, NH for about 3 years - while there, lived in Quechee and Norwich, VT. The family really enjoyed the benefit of living near Dartmouth College, and found ourselves on the campus frequently.
They have lived mainly in Peterborough for the last 30 years. He was very active in youth soccer locally, on the Peterborough Rec Dept Board for a few years and very active in the ConVal Soccer Club. Bob even coached young children after never having seen a soccer game until the age of 40 - "you just have to know a bit more than they do."
About 1990, Timken bought MPB. They remained MPB for about 12 years, but they eventually were reorganized more along the normal Timken approach, with a separation between the engineering, sales, and factory organizations, and took the Timken name.
During Bob's career, he has spent time as metallurgist, purchasing supervisor, chief metallurgist, product development manager, product engineering manager, and chief engineer. He has worked in several markets - tractors & farm implements, ground vehicle transmissions, turbine engines, airframe control bearings, aircraft accessories, aircraft instruments, spaceflight instrumentation, and rotating anode x-ray tubes. Special efforts included unique bearing designs, nondestructive testing, special bearing materials, thin hard film and dry film lubricant coating development, and ceramic bearing development.
Over that time he made many good friends around the world. The best may have been in Switzerland where  he worked with a coating development company for many years - he grew to love Europe.
Bob had a massive stroke in December 1997, which left my right side paralyzed and couldn’t talk. He was in the hospital for 60 days. Gradually his various appendages started to work, except his right leg, which remains paralyzed today. Bernadette Stephens at Bond Wellness is working hard to improve that, however, and Bob has some hope. Bob have become interested in rowing, which he enjoyed as a kid. Bob is a member of the Lake Sunapee Rowing Club and row every week in the summer in their Adaptive Program.
Bob retired from Timken in 2009 and has been doing consulting as the Bearing Materials Group since then. Bob worked part-time at NHBB for a little over a year.
When he first joined Rotary, Dave Drasba made a presentation about a derelict area in North Peterborough near the North dam that the town wanted to develop into a park. He had created an initial plan of what the finished project might look like. Bob enjoy history and immediately became active in the project. 


Team Santa
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December 13th...........................Agency Pickup at Peterborough Community Center

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