Current events make it impossible to ignore U.S. foreign policy. But then, that has been the case since World War II and shortly after, when President Truman appointed former Army Chief-of-Staff, General George C. Marshall, to Secretary of State. The U.S. boldly developed the European Recovery Program, better known as the “Marshall Plan,” to stabilize war-torn Europe. Arguably, some have said that George C. Marshall might have won the war and won the peace, too.

Please come hear local author and lecturer, Glen W. Swanson’s talk, “General George C. Marshall and the Greatest Generation.”

So how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?
Several of you missed a fun outing at the Peterborough Players last Wednesday. We spent a beautiful evening prior to the show outside—complete with wine, cheese, and burning logs to chase away the chill. It was a great night for mingling and conversing with Rotarian friends. What a great group of folks to hang out with! Thanks go to Barbara Miller for making the event happen.