As we begin a new Rotary year, I am pleased to announce the nominating committee‘s slate of club officers for 2012-2013. With the club’s approval Monday, July 2nd, the new officers will be installed at that meeting.

First, though, I would like to thank two of our current officers leaving the board of directors. Vice President Lynn Robbins and Second Vice President Peter Cross, who would have been nominated to advance to President-Elect and Vice President, respectively, have personal and professional commitments that require their attention. Lynn worked tirelessly spearheading our last two pancake breakfasts. Her get-things-done spirit and humor made the work for the rest of us easy. Pete recently led the charge on finding a new caterer. He arranged so that we could benefit from “try-outs” of potential caterers and that resulted in an excellent choice, to which we are treated each meeting.

Both Lynn and Pete, however, will take on active committee roles. Lynn had agreed to use her public relations background to work with Bob Hanson as co-chair of our public relations committee. And Pete has agreed to apply his marketing background to work with Paul Faber as co-chair of our membership committee.

Thank you, Lynn and Pete, for your outstanding service on the executive board and for all the advice and support you provided me as acting president.

The 2012-2013 Officer Slate

  • President – Dennis Allen
    o From President-Elect and acting president. Or as Tom Westheimer eloquently says in reference to President Sharon Cargill, “Dennis will stop being Sharon and start being Dennis.”

  • President-Elect – Pam Brenner
    o Pam is a strong leader who is ready to fulfill the role of president for 2013-2014. She has a great depth of knowledge of our club’s operations, and she is responsible for successfully leading our club back to fiscal health. She also had the vision to see that a tiny, forgotten piece of land could become a beautiful park—Wilder Rotary Park. Pam always demonstrates an ability to see things that others may not, and to find creative solutions when needed. She will make an excellent president.

  • 1st VP – David Sobe
    o In his role as co-chair of the membership committee, Dave has done an outstanding job of bringing in new members. And in doing so, he has acquired an understanding of how potential new members perceive our club. That experience should be exploited on the executive board level, and his gentle, respective approach with others is a mark of a great leader.

  • 2nd VP – (remains vacant for now)
    o With the above succession list in place, and given the loss of two vice presidents, the nominating board has voted to keep this position open for the moment. That will allow the involvement of the incoming officers to choose the right person.

  • Treasurer – Donna Hanley
    o As you, Donna is the comptroller at New Hampshire Ball Bearing. To say she has the background for this office is an understatement. Although her recent recovery kept her away from the club much of this past year, it didn’t keep her from helping with the pancake breakfast. And now she is back, charged up, and ready to work. Based on her enthusiasm and experience, Donna is committed to the task and will continue in Pam’s footsteps of watching the purse.

  • Secretary – Dave Drasba
    o Dave has done an exemplary job as secretary. He has also devoted many hours of his time to the development of the Wilder Rotary Park, clearly demonstrating service above self. Dave also has a quiet assertiveness that has brought strength to and helped steer our board of directors’ decisions. We are very fortunate that Dave is willing to continue as secretary.

  • Sergeant at Arms – Dick Chamberlain
    o Ever notice how our meetings are always organized and run without a hitch? That is testament to the job Dick does as sergeant at arms. Dick and his team see that our club runs smoothly, and it would be a tremendous loss to not have him in that roll. Moreover, Dick’s advice to the board is always based on fairness and a concern for others while protecting the integrity of the club.

And of course, Pat Foley will continue as Past President.

On behalf of the board of directors and nominating committee, I respectively ask for your support of the above slate.
  --Dennis Allen