Nicole MacStayMany of the needs of our community are often hidden—though not purposely—from our everyday view. Yet those needs exist, and while the town does its best to meet them, a little enlightenment may be in order. Come learn about the “Critical Human Service Needs Facing Our Community" from Nicole MacStay, Director of Human Services (as well as Assistant Town Administrator) for the Town of Peterborough. She will discuss her responsibilities and paint a picture of those critical needs facing our community today.


* * *

Flu Precautions

Contrary to the inferences of media reports about the flu, there is no need to panic. However, a little common sense is always in order. In support of the latter, hand sanitizer will be available at a table preceding the lunch buffet at our meetings. Using the hand sanitizer before handling the serving utensils, well, just makes sense and is considerate to the folks who follow.