Andy PetersonMaybe it is time-appropriate that our program this week prelude Valentine’s day. After all, the patron saint of love, St. Valentine, is also the patron saint of young people. More to the point, our program this week will present our club with a challenge based on our collective love for the young people of our community—and test our energy, as a club, to demonstrate that love by helping young people who most need help.

Andy Peterson will present the results of his fact-finding committee, which evaluated the need and feasibility to conduct a Camp Quest, similar to that of the Jaffrey-Rindge Rotary. The program is promising and achievable, but only with hands-on participation from all of us. Please come willing to learn and ask questions. Whether the program goes forward is entirely up to the membership, determined by the willingness of each of us to take part and help.

Frankly, some folks have suggested that our club does not have the energy to pull this off. Whether that is true, only you can say. I only ask that while you evaluate the merit of the program and your potential involvement, please consider this simple thought:
Can love be realized if not evidenced by action?