It is the kind of ride that none of us hope to take—to a hospital in an ambulance. But when it happens, we depend on emergency medical care to ensure we get there. That kind of care requires more than a van with stretcher and a volunteer rushing in with a stethoscope. When life is at stake, you need an emergency room on wheels with an on-duty, professionally trained medic. Peterborough now provides that level of ambulance service—and without a burden to taxpayers. Moreover, Peterborough’s ambulance is now recognized for providing cutting-edge critical care ambulance services.

How did this happen? It is a classic lemonade-from-lemons story that began when St. Joseph’s Hospital decided to close its Rockingham Ambulance service, which had been providing hospital-to-hospital transfers for Monadnock Community Hospital (MCH). With Rockingham gone, the prospects of calling and waiting on an ambulance service based in Massachusetts to take, say, critical heart-attack patients from MCH to Catholic Medical Center were less than appealing.  Through the vision of Fire Chief Joseph Lenox and his team, the guidance of Town Administrator Pam Brenner, and the foresight of the board of selectmen, our town ambulance service stepped up to the plate.

The program, which started last October, not only filled the hospital-to-hospital void left by Rockingham’s departure, it also had the side benefit of greatly improving 911-emergency ambulance response time and enhancing the level of medical service to residents.  Again, with no taxpayer burden.  

Please join your Rotary friends on Monday to hear Jeremy Bouchard, Peterborough’s new Clinical Director for Ambulance Operations, speak about the town’s new ambulance transfer program. 

You will also want to be on hand to hear from several of the rebound students in our youth exchange. Bob MacDonald, Peter Robinson, and Laura Gingras devote a lot of time and energy into making our exchange program work. Come hear for yourself what the exchange students think of the program.