Pancake Breakfast Huge Success

A quick look back…
There we were a year ago, with the attendance for the pancake breakfast headed south, and having burned out nearly everyone who had ever taken charge of the event, asking the question whether, after 40 years, our primary annual fundraiser had run its course. The problem, though, was we had no good idea of how to replace it. Fortunately, Ted Renna cut through the haze and suggested creating a more permanent committee to run the event, share the burden, and eliminate the burn-out. Better still, he and Laura Gingras agreed to co-chair that committee. So far, so good—two people with considerable skills were ready to recruit a committee and heal the ills of the pancake breakfast.

As soon as they had recruited other talented members to form Team Pancake, however, word came that our old venue would not be available. Suddenly, the outlook for the pancake breakfast had taken a turn for the worse. Picture it this way: We had a dying patient (the pancake breakfast) on the surgical table, and the lights went out in the operating room. That could well have been the end, and we might have seen the loss as merely an inevitable passing.

As it turns out, that is not how Ted, Laura, and Team Pancake think. They surveyed the situation and saw an opportunity to relaunch the breakfast at a new venue—trying new ideas while keeping the best of what had been done before—and moved forward. And they succeeded.

Thanks to Team Pancake and everyone who participated, fundraising exceeded our original goal, attendance was up over the last two years, attendees loved the new venue, the operation was the smoothest in recent memory, and from all reports, everyone had a good time. Now, it looks like our patient is out of danger and on the road to a full recovery.

Thank you Team Pancake—Ted, Laura, Barbara Miller, Dick Fernald, Jeff King, Kim Chandler, Nils Bergstrom, Pam Brenner, Paul Faber, John Kaufhold, and Owen Ellerkamp—for your optimism and diligence. Thank you Peterborough Rotary members and families, potential members, and houseguests who showed up to help at the event or contributed in other ways. Thank you ConVal Interact for your help in directing guests to the cafeteria. Thank you Boy Scouts for your help with the Easter Bunny, bussing tables, and lending a hand wherever needed. Thank you to the professionals in the ConVal kitchen for your help and guidance in improving our cooking and serving skills. And thank you sponsors for your deeply appreciated support and demonstrable commitment to our community. Together, through your combined efforts, you raised nearly $15,000 that will support Peterborough Rotary’s many worthy projects, including scholarships, teacher of the year, Operation Santa, local food banks, youth exchange, and more.

I am so very proud and blessed to be associated with each of you.


Focus on the Theatrical Arts

ImageOur community is so very lucky to have a professional theatre in the area. Luckier still that it is the Peterborough Players. Our featured speaker Monday, April 1, will be Keith Stevens, managing director of the Peterborough Players. He will provide an update on the Players’ housing initiative and discuss the upcoming season.

Please join your Rotary friends to hear what is happening at the Peterborough Players.