Speaker for Monday, December 9th, 2013 - Howard Mansfield
Howard Mansfield is a local author who has become an authoritative author on history and architecture, considered as a whole, rather than individually.  He gets us thinking about the links between them, which may not have occurred to most of us.
He lives in Hancock with his wife, well-known writer Sy Montgomery.
His books include Turn and Jump: How Time and Place Fell ApartThe Bones of the EarthThe Same Ax, TwiceHogwood Steps Out; and most recently - Dwelling in Possibility: Searching for the Soul of ShelterHe has written many memorable essays including Waiting (to Go Home)Beyond the Notches: Stories of Place in New Hampshire’s North CountryRuin: Photographs of a Vanishing America; and James Aponovich: A RetrospectiveHe has also written for every important publication around - New York Times, Washington Post, American Heritage, Historic Preservation, and Yankee.

Operation Santa
  • Monday-Wednesday (12/9 to 12/11) Rotarians who are assigned locations need to pick up their gifts from the locations. They also should pick up any leftover cards as well.
  • Whatever cards come back in we will shop for during the week. Anyone interested in helping with that can contact Kim or Pete.
  • Thursday (12/12) sorting begins at 3 pm at the Community Center.
  • Friday (12/13) is agency pick up between 10 am and Noon at Community Center.