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Paul Harris Fellow


The Paul Harris Fellow recognition acknowledges individuals who contribute, or who have contributions made in their name, of US$1,000 to The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.

It was established in 1957 to show appreciation for and encourage substantial contributions to what was then the Foundation’s only program, Rotary Foundation Fellowships for Advanced Study, the precursor to Ambassadorial Scholarships. Paul Harris Fellows receive a certificate and pin. They are also eligible to purchase a Paul Harris Fellow medallion. 

Rotarians have a tradition of supporting the Foundation by honoring others. Many notable figures have been named as Paul Harris Fellows, including U.S. President Jimmy Carter, Russian President Boris Yeltsin, U.S. astronaut James Lovell, UN Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar, Mother Theresa, and Jonas Salk.  

The number of Paul Harris Fellows reached the one million mark in 2006.


Peterborough Rotary Club Paul Harris Fellows

1977 Forrest C. Mercer PHF
1978 Erle G. Bishop PHF
1979 Merton S. Dyer PHF
1979 Richard L. Perry PHF
1980 Theodore H. Lee PHF
1981 Forrest F. Tenney PHF
1982 Laurence E. Fullerton PHF
1983 I.D. White PHF
1983 Lawrence Bishop PHF
1984 David E. Brandes PHF
1985 Clarence J. Derby PHF +1
1985 Frances B. Donovan PHF
1985 James Grant PHF
1985 Arnold C. Barker PHF
1986 Thomas S. Nichols, Jr. PHF
1987 Walter Peterson PHF
1987 Jonathan Strong PHF
1988 Delcie D. Bean PHF
1988 Bruce L. Calhoun PHF
1988 Charles T. Cook PHF + 2
1988 Cyrus W. Gregg PHF
1988 Theodore Renna PHF +1
1989 Roland W. Jutras PHF
1990 Margaret C. Bean PHF
1992 Raymond W. Kruse PHF
1994 Gordon K. Billipp PHF +1
1994 Martin C. McNiel PHF
1994 Stanley W. Peters PHF
1995 Walter E. Jones PHF
1996 Sheppard Bartlett PHF +1
1997 Richard R. Fernald PHF
1997 Richard C. Johnson PHF
1997 Whalen B. Dunn PHF
1998 John Kaufhold PHF + 2
1998 Robert Taft PHF + 2
1998 Christopher Brown PHF + 2
1999 Robert W. Ray PHF
1999 Lyell C. Dawes PHF
2000 Bonnie D. Cohen PHF
2000 Thomas Westheimer PHF + 2
2000 Robert S. MacDonald PHF + 2
2000 Richard Chamberlain PHF
2000 Sue Chollet PHF
2000 Paul C. Schlieben PHF
2001 Robert A. Benoit PHF
2001 Paul C. Cummings, Jr. PHF
2001 Gorrdon Hale PHF
2001 Irving E. Nichols PHF
2002 Douglas A. Christensen PHF
2002 Robert S. Fellows PHF
2002 Cynthea Herreid PHF
2002 Edward J. Juengst PHF
2002 Liinda Marsella PHF
2002 Francie von Mertens PHF
2003 Nancy Gorr PHF
2003 Laura Hanson PHF
2006 Robert B. Duhaime PHF
2009 Frederic Hartman PHF
2010 Jeffrey M. King PHF
2010 Barbara Miller PHF
2010 Norman H. Makechnie PHF
2011 Laura Gingras PHF
2011 Peter Robinson PHF
2013 Dennis R. Allen PHF
2013 Patrick Foley PHF
2015 Cole Royal PHF
2015 Andrew Peterson PHF
2016 James Rogers PHF + 2
2017 Pamela Brenner PHF
2017 Robert MacDonald PHF +3
2017 Robert Hanson PHF
2017 James Kelley PHF
2017 Cynthia Healer PHF
2017 Harry Healer PHF
2017 Kim Chandler PHF
2017 Terry Reeves PHF
2018 Steve Kim PHF
2018 Laura Gingras PHF +1
2018 jeffrey M. King PHF +1
2018 Peter Robinson PHF +1