The Peterborough Rotary Club was chartered on October 20, 1925, with nineteen members. The club was the 2,156th club organized nationally, and the third club in New Hampshire after Keene and Nashua.
Major A. Erland Goyette was the first club president. The group met at a small table in the back of the Tavern in Peterborough. The term of club president is one year, and there have been 93 presidents of the club. View their biographies at the below links.
In 1933, the club sponsored the forerunner to the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce, the Monadnock Region Association, aimed to promote tourism in the Peterborough area. Three years later, the club would sponsor the local Boy Scout Troop which it still sponsors.
During World War II, the Tavern was closed due to rationing, and, the club moved the meetings to the Unitarian Church on Main Street for a few years. When the Tavern closed in the 1960s, the club met at the Peterborough Motor Inn (now Jack Daniels Inn), Gatto's, and finally, the Monadnock Country Club. In 2016, MCC closed and the club returned to its roots at the Unitarian Church.
The club has organized several events that have become part of the fabric of Peterborough. In 1971, the Interact Club was established at ConVal High School. In 1974, the first Easter Sunday Pancake Breakfast was held at NHBB; it is now held at CVHS.  In 1981, Rotarians began decorating the town for the holidays with garland and ribbons, and at the time, coordinated the tree lighting ceremony.
Since 1986, the club has organized the Operation Santa program, bringing holiday gifts to families in our district. The Teacher of the Year award began in 1991, and, the first Youth Exchange Inbound Student came to ConVal in 1995. 
Ellen Dinerstein was the first female to join the club in 1988, and in 1990, the club sponsored the new Monadnock Rotary Club in Dublin.

Past Presidents

2017-2018 PHF Steve Kim
2016-2017 PHF Kim Chandler
2015-2016 PHF Cole Royal
2014   Roy Schleiben
2013-2014 PHF Pam Brenner
2011-2013 PHF Dennis Allen
2011   Sharon Cargill
2010-2011 PHF Patrick Foley
2009-2010 PHF Laura Gingras
2008-2009 PHF Jeff King
2007-2008 PHF Barbara Miller
2006-2007   Ken Woods
2005-2006   Paul Faber
2004-2005   Nancy Rose Redling
2003-2004   Richard M. Adler
2002-2003 PHF +2 John A. Kaufhold
2001-2002   Richard H. Stephens
2000-2001 PHF +2 Tom Westheimer
1999-2000   Carol C. Stephens
1998-1999   Whalen Dunn
1997-1998 PHF +2 Robert S. MacDonald
1996-1997 PHF Douglas A. Christensen
1995-1996 PHF Nancy Gorr
1994-1995   George Duncan
1993-1994   Barry R. Miller
1992-1993   Lawrence C. Ross
1991 -1992 PHF Andrew Peterson
1990-1991   Larry Lindsley
1989-1990   Robert J. Condon, Jr.
1988-1989 PHF Stanley W. Peters
1987-1988   Robert E. Stote
1986-1987   John M. Farrell
1985-1986   Gordon K. Billipp
1984-1985   John G. Brodie
1983-1984   Joseph Cummings
1982-1983 PHF +2 Robert Taft,Esq.
1981-1982   Jack L.  Burwick
1980-1981   Robert Andre Benoit
1979-1980   D. Scott Hicks
1978-1979   Richard Amidon
1977-1978   Kenneth R. Chandler
1976-1977   Harry R. Buxton
1975-1976 PHF Irving E. Nichols
1974-1975 PHF Richard R. Fernald
1973-1974   John P. Combs
1972-1973   Guy C. Little
1971-1972 PHF Gordon Hale
1970-1971   Richard W. Pierce
1969-1970   Robert D. Stewart
1969-1969   Frederick P. Koallick
1967-1968   Daniel F. Eneguess, Jr.
1966-1967   William P. Hill
1965-1966   Leroy A. Pettee
1964-1965   Nathaniel R. Underdown
1963-1964   Arthur E. Wheeler
1962-1963   H. LeGro Lane
1961-1962 PHF Thomas S. Nichols, Jr.
1960-1961   J. Prentiss Weston
1959-1960   Albert J. Picard
1958-1959 PHF Paul C. Cummings, Jr.
1957-1958   Gerald H. Faunce
1956-1957   Beland H. Peirce
1955-1956   Maurice M. Blodgett
1954-1955 PHF +1 Clarence J. Derby
1953-1954   Harold S. Fuller
1952-1953   C. Temple Lawrence
1951-1952   Kenneth E. Kepner
1950-1951 PHF Forrest F. Tenney
1949-1950   Ernest B. G. Piggott
1948-1949   John Bellows
1947-1948   Albion J. LaFleur
1946-1947   Thomas S. Nichols, Sr.
1945-1946   Donald W. Hopkins
1944-1945   James E. McKee
1943-1944   Dane P. Cummings
1942-1943   Karl S. Kyes
1941-1942 PHF Earle G. Bishop
1940-1941   Elsworth W. Bunce
1939-1940 PHF Francis B. Donovan
1938-1939   James B. Sweeney
1938   George D. Cummings
1937-1938   Winslow C. Morse
1936-1937   Edward N. Larrabee
1936   Everett W. Webster
1935-1936   John E. Cass
1934-1935   George A. Moulton
1933-1934   Walter B. French
1932-1933 PHF Forrest C. Mercer
1931-1932   Lincoln R. Lounsbury
1930-1931   Maurice H. Nichols
1929-1930   Charles W. Jellison
1928-1929   John W. Derby
1927-1928   Karl B. Musser
1924-1927   Arthur E. Goyette