0n August 23rd, Mr. Mark Threlfall owner of Super Dogs in Merrimack, NH addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding his 50 plus years of experience working with show dogs as both a handler and most recently a show judge. Mark would attend as many as 170 shows a year as a handler of show dogs for owners of these animals. Mark has worked in CT., Mass, Pennsylvania and other places along the eastern seaboard and the Midwest during his career. Among the many highlights in Mark’s career is his appearance as a judge at the famed Westminster Dog Show. Mark is a four-time judge at this prestigious 2-day show. He has traveled to Ireland, China, Taiwan, and Canada in his career.
Mark discussed the following:
  • The differences between an owner and a handler.
  • The need for judges to have a complete knowledge of Breed Standards from tail to nose and all the parts between.
  • A judge has only 2 1/2 minutes generally to evaluate a dog in show environments.
  • Decisions are obviously subjective to an extent and different judges may have different  opinions.
  • When asked if he’s witnessed any scandals in his time as a judge and one who shows he responded that he had indeed. He demonstrated discretion in discussing the spectacle in great detail.
Mark reminded us that all dogs, no matter the breed, have descended from wolves!