On August 17th Ken Basey, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding hiking the 48 4000-footers. Ken and his wife Darleen have raised their two children in Raymond New Hampshire where Ken ls the lead Pastor at New Life Church, a licensed life coach, and past president of his local Rotary. Ken's has many hobbies including hiking. In 2019 Ken finished the 48 4,000-footers of NH and then authored the very humorous book "They Said It Would Be Fun". All proceeds go to NH Search and Rescue.
Ken started hiking the 48 4000-footers at age 48 after years of being away from it. Ken talks about the ups and downs of hiking, preparation Is everything. People from all over come to hike these mountains which has caused an increase in search and rescue over the years with the popularity of the NH White Mountains.
The slide presentation was wonderful. Beautiful photos and humorous stories filled our computer screens with Ken's slides.
Ken shared photos of hiking Mount Monroe in Winter with Mount Washington in the background beyond the valley. With the weather changing at a moment’s notice you need be prepared.
Ken's photo of Mount Pierce and Eisenhower shows miles from peak to peak. He says it is so hard to tell from photos just how big these mountains are.
A photo of the Pemigewasset wideness shows it's 26 miles of virgin wilderness.
Ken explained the ladder systems that are used for the very steep parts to preserve the integrity of the trails.
Mount liberty in a photo with the peak above the clouds makes for a cold climate. With 5 below zero weather you have about five seconds to take your gloves off to get a picture.
While hiking Mount Cabot (the most northern 48) Ken shows a photo of him sunk off the trail to his waist with only his backpack holding him above the snow.
Ken continued with wonderful photos of Mt Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Cannon, Owls Head, Osceola, a very wet Rocky Branch Trail, North and South Twin, Galehead, The Flume, Lafayette, Lincoln, Jefferson, camping at The Bonds, a 1000 ft down scary picture off Bond Cliff, and lots of rocky ridge lines.
Ken shared so many memories and photos with friends hiking. His friend and hiking pal Dave Salois added at the end of the presentation about conservation of these beautiful mountains and trai1heads.
You can buy "They Said It Would Be Fun" on Amazon or Kindle.