On November 5th Peggy and David Gilmour, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding their walk of the El Camino de Santiago trail in Spain. David Gilmour is a retired cardiologist and has embarked on epic excursions since retirement.  He has biked across US and now organizes bike trips in NH, Canada, and Europe.  Also donates time with Meals on Wheels.  Peggy of course is two-time NH State Senator and now a policy advisor for Preti Strategies in Concord.   Peggy and David donate time to Harbor Homes and drug court.
The El Camino de Santiago trail in Spainish translates to “the way of James” (one of the Apostles of Jesus).  Highlights of talk:
  • 500 mile walk over 52 days
  • Began the walk in Pyrennes 
  • “Walk, Eat, Sleep, Repeat” is a mantra.
  • Scallop shell is symbol of the walking path
  • Slept in hostels – typically 4 to 20 occupants - and lots of communal eating
  • Sleep when and where you can and do your own laundry
  • Boiled octopus not uncommon meal, but not recommended
  • Buen Camino – gesture meaning “good way” or “have a good way pilgrim” and is said to people who are walking the trail
  • Many cat doors along the way  
  • Many majestic views and architecture
  • Walked 52 days total
  • Almost 500 miles to do trail/ 800+ kilometers in total
  • Averaged 10 miles a day
  • Only four blisters for Peggy!