0n February 28th, Kathy Mahoney from: St. Gianna’s Place in Hudson, NH, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding St. Gianna’s Place. Kathy met her husband Peter “in God’s time” and is active in church in Windham. Kathy was previously very active with Habitat for Humanity:
  • St. Gianna’s Place- Hudson, NH
  • Mission to help pregnant women (and up to a year after the birth)
  • Was President 2021
  • Founded by 4 Home-schooling moms
  • Criteria: Pregnant, 18 or older, stable mental health and/or recovery, participate in chores, dinners and life skill classes.
  • Capacity: 5
They help women become better parents, get their GED, provide for needs by constant learning and modeling.  Women develop confidence and independence. The women they serve start out with basic needs and try new things in a safe environment.  They set goals and apply learning to meet goals.  Goals can be as simple as learning to cook, financial planning and budgeting, and new parenting skills. 
They are not sponsored by the Diocese.  They rely on Donations, grants, fundraising, baby bottle campaigns, and have an annual banquet for additional fundraising.  It is open to all faiths and is located in Hudson on the grounds of the old St John’s rectory.