On June 14th, President Bill Barry introduced Jane Marquis who announced this year’s scholarship award recipient.  There were 7 recipients present, including an adult learner recipient and a 2020 recipient in attendance.   The recipients are:
  • Marianne Mederos - $10,000 who will attend Keene State and plans to become and Early education and Special education teacher.
  • Sneha Prakash - $10,000 who will attend University of Rochester to pursue a neuroscience on her way to pursuing medical school
  • Carson Goh - $4000 will attend Dartmouth College to study Quantitative Social Science
  • Renato Gonzalez-Almonte - $4000 to attend Texas A&M and pursue engineering
  • Jardine Allen - $2750 and will attend University of Michigan to study aerospace engineering
  • Asma Akbar - $2750 will attend Suffolk University in the Political Science Pre-Law program and will finish with a Law degree
  • Jaime Marchand - $2500 who is our recipient of the Adult Learner Scholarship.  She is working on completing her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education while working at the Adult Learning Center and being the mom of three children.
Jane thanked the committee (Steve hedges, Chuck Rehberg, Doug Barry, Kerryann Salvail, Paige Hultman, Nick Coffey and Bob Jones) for their efforts in selecting these talented and deserving recipients.  Many of the committee attending assisted in presenting the scholarship awards at the meeting.