On March 7th, Mark Hastbacka, a detective with the Nashua PD from 1987 to 1997, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding Dana Lawrence. Since 1997 Mark has served in various capacities with the FBI in Miami and Boston Offices. Currently Mark is a special agent responsible for a wide New England area including Nashua. Mark had been alerted to some very sketchy allegations involving a woman whose name was (one of at least 5 aliases) Dana Lawrence.
Ms. Lawrence had been working for the City of Nashua in a volunteer capacity as a grant writer. She began asking for information that was outside of what she needed to know…routing numbers, account numbers. After much investigation it was learned that Ms. Lawrence had been involved in significant fraud schemes across the country over the previous 12 years usually involving not for profit entities. After an intensive investigation leading to her arrest she was convicted and sentenced to an 18 month stay in prison. She avoided other convictions due to her use of several names and could only be charged in NH as Dana Lawrence. Other states elected to not pursue additional charges.
The story was covered in great detail in a CBS program FBI Declassified-The Swindling Seductress. A google search provided the link below to a summary of this case in the Nashua Patch from 2017.
Due to time a very brief Q&A followed and Mark invited all to contact him if there were other questions.