On March 2nd, Hannah Stohler, Executive Director of Marguerite’s Place, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding Marguerite’s Place. Marguerite’s Place helps mothers with children in crisis and in need of housing. Housing problems on the increase for families, no longer just a single or veteran issue. Difficult to track family housing problems because often families will surf couches with neighbors or use cars. Marguerite’s Place offers two types of housing:  transitional housing and MP housing.
Transitional housing is for immediate/urgent need.  Case manager assistance given on weekly basis to residents of transitional housing.
MP housing is next step from transitional housing.  Case manager assistance on monthly basis.  Used as an interim step to help families that cannot afford market pricing of rentals in Nashua.  
Marguerite’s Place also offers childcare, which is aimed at helping child development, not simply offering day care for children of working mothers.
    Childcare provides literacy and support programing for the children.
    2019 Successes:
        9 families graduated.
        8 new families moved into transitional housing.
        3 new families moved into MP housing.
        14 new jobs secured by residents.
        7 new job training or educational programs started
        11 new children enrolled in childcare
        4 children graduated from preschool to Kindergarten
        13 Family Support Group sessions held.