On September 21st Joan Weddle, home healthcare and social worker supervisor for Home Health & Hospice Care, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding the unanswered questions related to Covid-19. This is the 6th month of our living in the pandemic world living in the 3rd Season of living with Covid.
In the beginning the lack of information and understanding were the biggest issues.  Then we were fearful of how to be safe and now we are trying to see how we have to reorganize our lives to deal with Covid.   People may not like change, but they can be very creative in finding new ways forward.  The pandemic magnified the challenged of adapting by having to change so much so quickly.
She relayed stories of her grandmother living thru the Great Depression and World War II.  She also reminded us of the changes and issues we went thru with recent crashes or adjustments with the stock market and banking world.
In dealing with patients, she sees this need to cope with a sudden change when they get ill.  It can cause immediate changes and stress due to the illness and financial strain it may cause.
She believes that patients do better when they have hope.  They have better outcomes when they are optimistic about the expectations of their situation.  She believes the same applies for all of us dealing with the pandemic.  If we can be more hopeful, we will likely do better.
Restaurants are a very public example of how things can be done differently to make all feel safe and still provide the dining experience needed to keep the business alive.
She is continually amazed at the creativity that people find to stay occupied and happy.  We now have more information on safety and how we can safely deal with Covid-19.  She encourages all of us to stay positive, optimistic and use their own creative spirit to help them and all of us get thru these difficult times.
A brief Q & A followed.  The stress and anxiety resulting from people trying to cope with Covid are best to be treated by the appropriate healthcare professional.  People helping each other is also beneficial.