On March 14th, Carmen Acabbo from 50 Legs Charity, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding 50 Legs Charity for those injured in the Boston Marathon bombing. Carmen Acabbo is on the board of the 50 Legs Charity.  Her sister, Celeste, lost both legs at the finish line of the Marathon in 2015 when the bombing occurred.  She was not a runner but there supporting her sister, Carmen.  A video was shown highlighting the work of 50 Legs.  (50legs.org)  It has provided artificial legs for over 650 amputees. 
Carmen talked about the business side of the charity.  She learned from watching her sister’s journey of getting the best prosthetics to replace her leg and the best fit.  A proper fit is critical for best prosthetic function.  There is an outstanding prosthetics manufacturer in Florida – POA. 
Celeste describes her first legs as very basic technology with no frills.  She needed an advance prosthetic with a microchip to make the knee work in walking.  She travelled to POA in Florida for proper selection and fitting of the prosthetics.  Many insurances will only cover very basic type of prosthetics. 
50 Legs helps to provide funding and access to the expertise to get the best prosthetic.    They have a team of runners each year at the Boston Marathon.  They also run at other marathons to introduce others to the 50Legs organization.  They also have an annual fund-raising dinner.  This year it will be held in Lowell at UTEC on April 9, 2022.  Please contact them directly if you wish to attend or make a donation
The first fitting of Celeste’s ‘legs’ was disappointing as they did not function well.  Young amputees have additional challenges as they socket of the prosthetics need replacement as the child grows.  POA in Florida was where she went courtesy of 50 Legs to get her current prosthetics.
Q & A followed.