In 1921, a group of Nashua business men met.  They were addressed by Manchester Rotary Club Officer, and decided to form the Rotary Club of Nashua.  Harry Gregg was elected as Nashua's temporary president. 
Fast Forward to 1979 (60th Anniversary) Adrian Levesque, chair of the History Committee, was charged with developing the club's history.  All records prior to 1941 lost, including original charter.  There was, however, a 50th anniversary booklet.  144 members out of 148 pics by photographer Arthur Whitty.  Adrian researched local library microfiche and he knew 2 things:  the 1921 date and first president William F. Sullivan.  1921  38 member names, 25 selected from hat for the board.  Nominating committee appointed Secretary-Edwin Morey, Treasurer-Hon. James Crowley, V.P.-Major Ivory Eaton and President-Ira F. Harris.  Wait, you said first President was William Sullivan.  Harris was the last name of Paul Harris who 16 years earlier founded Rotary.  Did the Telegraph get it wrong?  No.  Who was Ira F. Harris and what happened between May and September of 1921 that necessitated a second election?  Adrian ended the history lesson in suspense . . stay tuned!