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Welcome to Rotary Club 6460 in District 7870.

We meet In Person
Mondays at 12:15 PM
Nashua Country Club
25 Fairway Street
(mail to: P O Box 401, Nashua, NH 03061)
Nashua, NH 03061-5130
United States of America
Home Page Stories
On January 11th Sarah Marchant and Amber Logue, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding the master planning group for Nashua. Mayor Jim Donchess introduced today’s speaker.  Imagine Nashua is the name of the master planning group for Nashua.  It is a plan for our future.  Sarah Marchant is the lead coordinator for plan.  She has extensive city planning experience in Nashua, NH and the New England Region.  Amber Logue is the planner who has done the principal plan design.  She is a Nashua resident and chair of the city masterplan committee.
On October 19th Steve Puderbaugh, our 2020-2021 Rotary District Governor, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding the state of Rotary clubs in our District. Steve reviewed the theme for 2020, which is Rotary Opens Opportunities, and how 2020 has been a challenging year for the organization. On a positive note, Steve discussed how 2020 has caused Rotary to embrace technology, which will help the organization in the future.
On October 5th Peggy and David Gilmour, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding their walk of the El Camino de Santiago trail in Spain. David Gilmour is a retired cardiologist and has embarked on epic excursions since retirement.  He has biked across US and now organizes bike trips in NH, Canada, and Europe.  Also donates time with Meals on Wheels.  Peggy of course is two-time NH State Senator and now a policy advisor for Preti Strategies in Concord.   Peggy and David donate time to Harbor Homes and drug court.
On September 14th Chief Brian Rhodes, Nashua Fire Chief, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding the Safe Station program. Chief Rhodes reviewed why we had to end our Safe Station program, which was started in fall 2016, to provide access for those struggling with addiction 24 hours/day. 
On August 24th Chief Michael Carignan, Nashua Police Department, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua the Nashua Police Department. Chief Carignan has been a member of the Nashua Police Department since 1993.  He began his career as a Patrolman and worked his way through the ranks.  He became a Sgt. in 2005, then moving to Captain, Detective and Deputy Chief in 2014.  Chief Carginan also volunteers and serves with many local non-profit organizations.
On August 17th Ken Basey, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding hiking the 48 4000-footers. Ken and his wife Darleen have raised their two children in Raymond New Hampshire where Ken ls the lead Pastor at New Life Church, a licensed life coach, and past president of his local Rotary. Ken's has many hobbies including hiking. In 2019 Ken finished the 48 4,000-footers of NH and then authored the very humorous book "They Said It Would Be Fun". All proceeds go to NH Search and Rescue.
On August 3rd Rohan Kumar, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding The Borgen Project. Rohan, who is from Nashua and graduated from Nashua North two years ago, is a second-year student at the University of Edinburgh, studying for a MA in Economics & Politics. This summer, he is working as a Political Affairs Intern at The Borgen Project, which is an international non-profit dedicated to helping the most impoverished around the globe.
On July 27th, John Tobin, an attorney in New Hampshire, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding the public education bill. Attorney Tobin is part of the team leading a charge to pressure the state to pay more of the public education bill. He is former executive director of New Hampshire Legal Assistance and he represented the plaintiffs in the Claremont Supreme Court cases back in the 1990s. Now he is leading education funding forums around the state.
On July 13th, Helene Visser and Randell Barclay, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding the Tygerberg Bronchoscope Project, a global grant also supported by the Rotary Club of Nashua. Randell is our District Governor nominee (2022-2023) and is currently District Treasurer. He undertook this global grant project. Helene is the host partner and project leader for the project. 
The Annual Scholarship Awards Presentation led by Jane Marquis. Thank you extended to scholarship committee for hard work and many meetings to reach awards. Process: process begins in early February; application deadline this year extended to May 1 due to COVID-19; many zoom meetings and zoom interviews; banner year for applications – 34 area students applied; applications pared to 13 and each interviewed; many deserving. Thank you extended by Scholarship Committee to Rotary Board and especially Mike Aquino for help and funds.
On June 8th, John Jurczyk, President of St. Joseph’s Hospital (SJH), addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding the impact of Covid-19 on the Hospital and medical community. He has led a dramatic financial turnaround in the last 2 years to erase the majority of the debt and improve patient satisfaction. John spoke with a Powerpoint presentation about the impact of Covid-19 on the Hospital and medical community.  By way of history, SJH was merely 10 years old when the Spanish Flu pandemic struck in 1918.  At that time the mechanism of transmission, was poorly understood and there was no treatment or antibiotics for complications of the flu.  One third of the world was infected by the Spanish Flu.
On June 1st, Atty. Brandon Garod, Assistant Attorney General in NH, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding on the work of the Consumer Protection and Anti Trust division of the AG’s office. Brandon engaged the club in a wide ranging discussion around the different types of scams his office deals with particularly involving the elderly. Scams will commonly involve email, cell phones and land lines.
On May 11th, James Spotts, a Partnership Specialist from the US Census Bureau, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding on the 2020 Census in New Hampshire. Mr. Spotts is Responsible for working with Cities and Towns in New Hampshire to make sure everyone is counted once, only once, and in the right place.  The Census Bureau is the largest statistical agency in the US. and the results of the 2020 Census will help determine the distribution of $675 Billion each year over the next 10 years which will fund around 42 different programs in the community. 
On April 20th, Maria Devlin, chief executive officer for state Red Cross, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding activities in the NH, VT and ME Red Cross offices. She was accompanied by colleagues, Emily and Patrick. A brief PowerPoint presentation regarding home fire protection and prevention.  The Red Cross disaster reaction systems start as soon as they are notified, often being called by the fire department.  The Red Cross can provide emotional and mental health care besides the physical restoration and recovery programs.
On April 13th, Mike Apfelberg, the CEO of the United Way of Greater Nashua, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding helping our community respond to Covid-19. Mike is very active in the community, and right now is focusing extra attention on helping our community respond to Covid-19. Crises like these are in UW's DNA - it was actually founded in response to the Crown Hill fire, so this type of response is second nature.
On April 6th, Kate Luczko, the director of the Nashua Chamber of Commerce, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding the current work of the Nashua Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is trying to assist our local business community during this current global event. The Chamber is fielding calls on a daily basis and trying to provide information for changes in policies, resources and advocating for business.
On March30th, Nashua Mayor and Rotarian, Jim Donchess, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding local efforts to combat the Coronavirus. The Mayor is incredibly proud of the efforts of all to keep our residents as safe as possible. Director of Public Health Bagley is taking the lead on the health front, along with 6 public health nurses who are in constant contact with those who have tested positive for the virus. They are working very closely with the hospitals. Nashua is preparing an alternative care site (Nashua South High School) if hospitals need overflow space. This would be for less acute care patients. The state and National Guard have been very helpful in getting this set up. Nashua’s Emergency Management has done a great job with daily conference calls and keeping everyone up to speed on the latest developments. City Hall has been closed to the public for nearly two weeks. All work is being done remotely, except for Police, Fire, and garbage pick-up. The Mayor is thankful that the Aldermen appropriated funds for more cleaning and cleaning supplies. There are currently 22 documented cases of Coronavirus in Nashua, and more presumptive positives at the hospitals. This number will rise, he noted.
On March 8th, Henry Quinlan, owner and publisher of Omni Publishing Company, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding his many years of travel and doing business with Russia. Henry Quinlan is a retired attorney and expert the USSR. Henry has authored a number of books on Russia.  A dear friend who served as a Russian ambassador to a number or countries and organizations was a good source for many of his writings.
On March 2nd, Hannah Stohler, Executive Director of Marguerite’s Place, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding Marguerite’s Place. Marguerite’s Place helps mothers with children in crisis and in need of housing. Housing problems on the increase for families, no longer just a single or veteran issue. Difficult to track family housing problems because often families will surf couches with neighbors or use cars. Marguerite’s Place offers two types of housing:  transitional housing and MP housing.
On February 24th, United States Congresswoman Annie Kuster, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding her update on the happenings in Congress. Congresswoman Kuster was elected to her first term in 2012.  She graduated from Dartmouth and Georgetown Law and resides with her husband in Hopkinton, NH.  She was accompanied by staffers Amy Fox, Nick Brown, and Jennifer Slattery.
On February 10th, Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota Senator and Democratic candidate for President of the United States, addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding her qualifications for President of the United States. Senator Klobuchar is now serving her third term in the United States Senate and sits on the Judiciary, Rules, Commerce, Agriculture and the Joint Economic Committees. She is a graduate of Yale University and the Chicago School of Law. The Senator noted that like New Hampshire, both Minnesota Senators are women. She worked 14 years in the private sector as an attorney. Sen Klobuchar was voted the most effective Senator by Vanderbilt University.
On February 3rd, Justin Munroe from Grow Nashua addressed the Rotary Club of Nashua regarding Grow Nashua. Justin Munroe, a fourth generation Nashua native and the Executive Director of Grow Nashua.  Volunteering throughout the community has inspired him to create a true “teach a man to fish” organization to serve our community.
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