Speaker Guidelines and Scheduling

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 MRC Speaker Protocol
July 2018
The purpose of this memo is to organize, simplify and inform the club’s key speaker component.
  1. Speaker acquisition
    • General: Anyone and everyone can submit a speaker anytime for a specific date if that date is open.
    • Assigned Months: Since there are about 19 active members and I believe it’s reasonable to assume we can add a few more in 2018-19 with an effort to connect more with Harrisville. Therefore, I suggest that just two, current, active members per month be assigned to acquire speakers for that month.
    • List of assignees can be posted on the Club Runner (when determined & announced). Each member is responsible for two (2) speakers a Rotary year – ideally in their assigned month.
  2. Speaker Criteria
    • Those with potential to be club members
    • Subjects of current interest
    • Someone who hasn’t spoken to the club for three or more years
    • Known to be a good speaker
  3. Information needed from the speaker sponsor
    • Proposed open speaking date that is not in conflict with an existing posting (‘open date’)
    • Contract information (phone and email of both the speaker and sponsor)
    • Name, title
    • Topic
    • Short bio (this is a short summary of what might be used to introduce the speaker)
    • Need for audio and/or visual equipment?
  4. Submission and posting steps
    • Email complete speaker information (above) to Bob Meissner by the 13 of the month before the speech.
    • Bob will put the speaker summary on the club runner
    • Bob will send by the 15th of the month the listing of the speakers to the Dublin Advocate, the Ledger-Transcript, Common Threads (Harrisville) and Peterborough RC.
    • If a speaker slot is open after the press deadlines, it be unpublished except for the Club Runner.
  5. Sponsor’s responsibilities
    • Complete and submit the speaker information in a timely manner
    • Confirm to the speaker their date about a week prior
    • Be present to welcome speaker and create a name tag
    • Introduce the speaker!
    • Send a thank you on behalf of the club (email is fine) following the meeting
    • Follow-up with the club if there is potential for membership