Welcome to the Monadnock Rotary Club

Welcome to the Monadnock Rotary Club in Dublin, NH

Monadnock Rotary Club

Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 7:30 AM
Dublin Community Church
Route 101
Dublin, NH  03444
United States of America
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November 2018
Club Assembly
Nov 27, 2018 7:30 AM
Discuss Fundraising and 2019 Club plans
Peter DalPra, Program Director, Phoenix House
Dec 04, 2018 7:30 AM
Programs and update on Phoenix House Dublin
Monadnock Rotary Club hosted Holiday Party
Dec 11, 2018 5:30 PM
Held at the Dublin Community Center
Max Mitchell, Executive Director, Jaffrey Chamber
Dec 18, 2018 7:30 AM
Challenges & Opportunities of a small community
Rick Van Wickler, Superintendent
Jan 08, 2019 7:30 AM
"What is corrections, really"? - perspective of Cheshire County Dept. of Corrections Superintendent

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Happy Rotary Week Rotarians!
The evening meeting tomorrow is shaping up nicely.  Thanks to Bob Vecchiotti  for his excellent job of planning and coordination.  The event will be held as a regular meeting, without the Hat story or Speaker, however the normal meeting agenda will be followed.
Instead of the Hat story and Speaker presentation,  I will present a brief history of Rotary International, including how the organization was established, past accomplishments, ideals, future goals, as well as a list of club activities and accomplishments.  Bob Schuman of the Jaffery Rindge Club, and Bob MacDonald of the Peterborough Club are planning to attend.  I will ask them to briefly describe activities that their respective clubs are involved.  Each member should be ready to comment their past and current Rotary activities.
The primary goal for the meeting is to attract new members so please invite as many of your friends, acquaintances, town officials, and colleagues as you can.   
Please bring beer or wine to the event for yourself and guests.
To recap October 16th meeting:
Jim Guy gave the opening words.
There was no Hat story given.
The speaker was George Sterling of the Windy Row Learning Center who gave a interesting presentation about Windy Row’s effort to identify and  treat children who are dyslexic.  George described the symptoms and traits of people who have dyslexia and how they are helped to overcome their difficulties.  Dyslexia is a learning difficulty and not a disease.  There are many successful and highly functional people who have dyslexia.
Be prepared for tomorrow evening’s meeting!
Thanks and regards,
Jim Guy
Good Morning Rotarians,
First and foremost, please note that Tuesday’s morning meeting will be held in the basement of Dublin Town Hall.  The entrance is located at the back of building, accessible from the parking lot.
Please make an effort to invite and bring guests to the evening meeting next week at the Dublin Community Center (October 23rd at 5:30 PM). We are having this meeting in conjunction with Rotary week (October 21-18).  This will an excellent opportunity to attract new members.
Notes from last week’s meeting.
Dale Gabel gave the opening words.
Rick MacMillan gave the Hat story about his encounter with pests that had had nested in the interior of his swimming pool and how he used his propane blowtorch as a pest removal tool with a not so pleasant outcome.
Lists for Speaker assignment, The Hat, Opening Words, and School Speaker program were circulated last meeting, but it appears that all of the lists did not circulate through the meeting room.  I will circulate the lists again at tomorrow’s meeting.
Our Speaker was Volkert Volkersz who is the Program Coordinator at the Dublin Community Center.  Volkert gave us an overview of the progress that the Community Center has achieved since he became Program Coordinator one year ago.  The Community Center has become   more active in providing a space for community based activities such as Yoga,  art exhibits, as well as a place for learning for children who have an interest in computer coding.    The Center is also a convenient place for functions for organizations and individuals who need a convenient place to meet between Keene and Peterborogh. 
For tomorrow’s meeting:
Tom Blodgett has the opening words.
Jim Fearnside has the Hat.
Our speaker will be George Sterling The Windy Row Learning Center  Board Treasurer.  Windy Row is an organization that helps  students who have dyslexia. 
Hello Rotarians,
Here are the notes from last Tuesday’s meeting.
Bill Gurney gave the opening words.
Kevin McElhinney gave the Hat Story about how he stood in the rain for several hours to do a story on the Pope as a reporter for his college radio station.  He recorded his report on a portable tape device that got soaked while he was waiting for several hours in the rain and would not play when he returned to the station.  A colleague suggested drying the with an electric hair dryer and the report was saved.
A site needs to be found for the October 16th meeting because the church is unavailable because the rummage sale, and the Community Center is booked for that morning.  Bob Meissner will ask the Dublin School if they have space available.
Wendy White has resigned from the club because she will be staying in Rome to help care for her newly arrived granddaughter.   We hope she will rejoin when she returns.
Bob Vecchiotti gave an update on the progress of the October 23rd  meeting (happening during Rotary Week) which will be in the evening.  Everyone in the club needs to invite and bring at least one guest to the meeting.  The event will be run as a regular meeting and the goal is to find prospective members.
Bob Meissner gave an update on the Opioid Run fund raiser.  Bob reported that he has identified several potential sponsors and partners for the project.  The numerous accounts of the opioid epidemic in the media suggest that there will be significant interest in this initiative.
Jim Fearnside and Harry Wolhandler gave a detailed presentation of their trip to Portland to investigate if windowdressers.org could be used as a fund raising vehicle for the club.  Windowdressers.org is local to Maine and builds wood frame window inserts to decrease heat loss and thereby reducing energy waste and carbon emissions.  Jim and Harry felt that windowdressers.org could be used as a means to raise funds, however the club would need to partner with other local organizations to make it work, as the task would be too large for our club to implement on its own.  The next step is to decide if the club is willing to expend the effort to make it work.  Jim and Harry’s presentation is attached.
Opening Words will be given by Dale Gabel.
The Hat Story will be given by Rick MacMillan.
Our Speaker this week will be Volkert Voltersz, Program Coordinator, Dublin Community Center (DubHub) Topic: A review of Volkert’s first year at the DubHub and outlook for 2019.
Good Morning Rotarians,
Here are the meeting notes from last week.
The opening words were given by Jerry Branch
The Hat was given by Vance Finch.  She told us a story about a family vacation to a place were the accommodations were several miles off of the beaten path and was quite rustic.  To keep her young daughters entertained, the family engaged in a brief investigation of bats which turned out to be a highlight, including the “bat quiz” which was given to the girls.
  1. Our meeting on Tuesday, October 2nd will be an assembly meeting. Jim Fearnside and Harry Wohlhandler will give us a presentation on their Portland, ME visit to windowdesssers.org. Other club business to be discussed.
  2. October 23rd meeting will be an evening meeting at the Dublin Community Center which will be held in conjunction to Rotary Week October 22-29.
The speaker was Venu Rao, who is the District Governor of Rotary district 7870 this year.  Venu gave an inspirational talk about his goals for district clubs which include recruitment of new members as well as retaining current members, having each club participate in a Global and District Grants.  He pointed out that fund raising is important for all Rotary clubs as well as personal contributions to help fund and promote club charitable activities.  Venu’s message was well received and we hope he will have another opportunity to speak to our club at a future meeting.
This week’s meeting:
Opening Words            Bill Gurney
Hat                                 Kevin McElhinney
Speaker assignments for October Bill Gurney and Jamie Hamilton.
 Good Morning Rotarians.
Here the meeting notes from last Tuesday’s meeting.
Jim Guy gave the opening words.
Bob Meisner gave the Hat story about his experience in Costa Rica about business party at his home went horribly awry.
  1. The October 2nd meeting will be an assembly meeting.
  2.  The October 23rd meeting will be held at the Dublin Community Center in conjunction with Rotary Week.
  3. Venu Roa, our Rotary District Governor will be our guest at this week’s meeting.
Tyler Sweeny, the NH state director for the Concord Coalition, which is an organization started by Warren Rudman and Paul Tsongas that focuses on making citizens aware of the problems with the national debt so that citizens can be informed and take action to elect representatives that will deal with the ever increasing debt.  The focus of the talk was what  causes of the debt, what the US current debt position is and why it is unsustainable.  Tyler is a recent college graduate and in his mid-twenties.  He is motivated by his concern as how the crushing debt will affect his and future generations.  A very sobering presentation.
This week Jerry Branch has the opening words.
Vance Finch has the Hat.
See you tomorrow.
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