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Welcome to the Monadnock Rotary Club in Dublin, NH

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Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 7:30 AM
Dublin Community Church
Route 101
Dublin, NH  03444
United States of America
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October 2018
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Monadnock Rotary Club hosted event at the DubHub
Oct 23, 2018 5:30 PM
What does your Rotary Club do?
Roy Schliebgen, Fundraiser, Maker Space Advocate
Oct 30, 2018 7:30 AM
MAxT Makerspace
Kevin Moody, Director of Development DCA
Nov 06, 2018 7:30 AM
Update on Dublin Christian Academy
Shelley Goguen-Hulbert & Grant Butler. Glen Brook
Nov 13, 2018 7:30 AM
The story and doings of Camp Glen Brook, Marlborough
Club Assembly
Nov 27, 2018 7:30 AM
Discuss Fundraising and 2019 Club plans
Peter DalPra, Program Director, Phoenix House
Dec 04, 2018 7:30 AM
Programs and update on Phoenix House Dublin

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 Good Morning Rotarians.
Here the meeting notes from last Tuesday’s meeting.
Jim Guy gave the opening words.
Bob Meisner gave the Hat story about his experience in Costa Rica about business party at his home went horribly awry.
  1. The October 2nd meeting will be an assembly meeting.
  2.  The October 23rd meeting will be held at the Dublin Community Center in conjunction with Rotary Week.
  3. Venu Roa, our Rotary District Governor will be our guest at this week’s meeting.
Tyler Sweeny, the NH state director for the Concord Coalition, which is an organization started by Warren Rudman and Paul Tsongas that focuses on making citizens aware of the problems with the national debt so that citizens can be informed and take action to elect representatives that will deal with the ever increasing debt.  The focus of the talk was what  causes of the debt, what the US current debt position is and why it is unsustainable.  Tyler is a recent college graduate and in his mid-twenties.  He is motivated by his concern as how the crushing debt will affect his and future generations.  A very sobering presentation.
This week Jerry Branch has the opening words.
Vance Finch has the Hat.
See you tomorrow.
Jim Guy gave the opening words.
Dale Gabel gave the hat story in which he described what he was doing and his observations during  his commute into Washington DC on the morning of the 9/11 attacks.
Venu Rao, District Governor for Rotary will be our guest at the September 25th meeting.
Jim Fearnside and Harry Wohlander will be travelling to Portland Maine to on September 21st to investigate the possibility of using Windowdressers.org as a fund raising opportunity. Anyone wishing to attend the event should coordinate with Jim.
Rotary week will be October 22 – 28.   It will be an opportune time to have an evening meeting on October 23rd at the Dublin Community Center.
Bob Vecchiotti has volunteered to oversee promotional activities for Rotary Week.
Our speaker was Mary Drew, the founder and CEO of Reality Check in Jaffery, NH.  Reality Check is an organization whose mission is to help reduce alcohol and drug use, addiction, and overdose and help those with addiction problems find assistance.  Mary told us her own story of recovery and how it led to the establishment of Reality Check as well as the difficulties facing NH communities from the exploitation of big Phrma to state and federal funding for addiction and recovery.
September 18 meeting:
Opening Words:  Peg Monahan
Hat:  Rick McMillan
Speaker:  Tyler Sweeney of the Concord Coalition.  The CC have striven to maintain a nonpartisan approach to fiscal policy. A true grassroots effort, for the past 26 years they have educated fellow citizens on the reality of our fiscal outlook, and advocated for responsible fiscal policy. By talking with people about the causes and consequences of rising deficits their hope is that voters carry that message   to educate their friends, family and representatives. 
Good Morning Rotarians.
Please note that there is no meeting tomorrow September 4th because of the Labor Day Holiday.
Jim Fearnside gave the opening words.
John Goodhue gave the Hat Story about how his career in ocean transportation after he stopped World War II by enlisting in the military.
Jim Fearnside will investigate the fund raising potential at windowdressing.org by attending a workshop in Portland Maine September 20th.  Any members wishing to participate in the workshop are welcome to attend.  Please discuss with Jim.
Bob Meissner will continue to work on the Opioid Run to next Spring.
Other smaller effort fund-raising activities are still being considered.
October 2nd meeting will be an assembly.
Venu Rao, Rotary District Governor will be our guest on September 25th.
The speakers last Tuesday Shane and Tammy Long who are the owners of The Alworth Manor in Harrisville.  We were give a short history of the Manor, which was purchased by the Long family in 2014. The are completely renovating the property as an event venue for weddings and other functions.  A complete history can be found at their website www.thealdworthmanor.com.
Our next meeting on September 11th.
Opening words: Kevin McElhinney.
Hat Story : Dale Gabel
Ms. Mary Drew, Founder & CEO of Reality Check in Jaffrey will be the speaker.
Have a great Labor Day, and see you Tuesday September 11th.
Jim Guy gave the opening words.
Harry Wolhandler gave the hat story about how his experience as a young entrepreneur prepared him for his business career better than business school.
  1. Brantwood camp meeting on Monday August 13th.  No meeting on Tuesday August 14th.
  2. District Golf Tournament August 18 in Keene.
  3. The club has matched the $250 for presentation to Brantwood on Monday.  Total donation will be >$500.00.
Mark Fernald, a lawyer who practices in Peterborough and resident of Sharon, talked about the reliance of NH on property tax for the primary source of state income.  NH has the  second highest per capita property tax in the US. Payment of real estate taxes is more likely to be a burden for seniors and others on a fixed income.   As a result, people are losing their homes that they have owned for years because they cannot afford to pay rising real estate taxes.  Funding for education, mental health services, opioid treatment, infrastructure maintenance, environmental protection and other critical state provided services are being reduced as tax cuts are being enacted and revenue is declining.  According to Mr. Fernald, these cuts contribute to the aging of the NH population, because the state makes it unattractive for young people  to stay or move to NH as state services are curtailed.  Lively discussion proceeded.
Remember no meeting tomorrow morning (August 14th).
For the meeting on August 21st:
Opening words:  Jim Fearnside
Hat story:           Tom Blodgett
Speaker: Roy Schlieben:  Fundraising & Communications Consultant. Topic: ‘Fundraising ins & outs with Not for Profits’
See you next week!
Hello Rotarians.
Tom Warren gave the opening words.
Tom Blodgett gave the Hat story.  The speaker did not show up for our meeting and Tom was able to give us an extended hat story about his upcoming journey to Malaga Spain to participate in a seniors track and field tournament.  He had on display a discus, shot put, two javalins, as well as a pole vaulting pole and demonstrated techniques used to employ them on the field.  Tom’s talk was entertaining and left us wondering why he didn’t consider golf as an alternative.  Thanks again to Tom.
The club raised $350 in individual donations for Brentwood camp and with the matching $250 from the club the total contribution presented to Brentwood was $600.00.
Venu Rao, our Rotary District Governor will be visiting the MRC on September 25th.
The membership decided that holding the Opioid Run in October was a bit ambitious and decided that we would plan to hold the event next Spring.  Many Thanks to Bob Meissner for collecting information to and presenting the details of the proposed event to the club.
Jim Fearnside has offered to go to Maine in September to determine if the Windowdressers.org company presents a viable opportunity for the club to raise funds and to attend a workshop on the construction and installation of their product.  Jim has invited other members to join him if they would like to participate in the workshops. Thanks to Jim Fearnside for his efforts determining the feasibility of this project.
For August 28th meeting:
Opening Words this week will be Jim Fearnside.
The Hat Story – John Goodhue.
The Speakers on Tuesday: Tammy and Shane Long, Owner/Managers Aldworth Manor, Harrisville. Topic: Rebirth of Aldworth Manor.
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