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Welcome to the Monadnock Rotary Club in Dublin, NH

Monadnock Rotary Club

Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 7:30 AM
Dublin Community Church
Route 101
Dublin, NH  03444
United States
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March 2018
Jennifer Marshall & Kristen Leach
Mar 27, 2018
New Hampshire Dance Institute their mission: to inspire excellence in children through dance & music
Ken Abbott, President, ABTech, Inc., Fitzwilliam
Apr 03, 2018
Evolution of a people-sensitive culture in a growing high-tech setting
Roy Baldwin, Exec Dir, Monadnock Christian Center
Apr 10, 2018
History, mission and outreach – with focus on our youth
Bill Gurney
Apr 17, 2018
Club Assembly - outlook for end of term & 2019
Jim Hall, Board Certified Physical Therapist, CMC
Apr 24, 2018
Your back, your posture and related issues for all ages
Travis Kumph
May 01, 2018
Update on regional Rotary actions for Nicaragua
Michelle Bishop
May 22, 2018
Carrs Store?

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March 12, 2018
Greetings Monadnock Rotarians:
Weather forecasts are warning of blizzard conditions tomorrow morning so please check the WMUR website to determine if ConVal is in session before heading to the church. On March 6, Rick read one of Nelson Mandela’s favorite poems, Invictus written by William E. Henley. Rob Harris had “The Hat” and spoke about his experiences as a teaching fellow at Case Western Reserve University.
 Guests included Roy Baldwin, Executive Director of Monadnock Christian Ministries. Francis May of Dublin. Harry Wolhandler and Pegg Monahan of Harrisville were also in attendance. I am pleased to report that Harry and Pegg have decided to become members of our Club. Welcome aboard!
Our speaker was Steve Reinhart of Rindge. Steve is the Founder and Chief Optimist of Optimism Plus, LLC. Steve gave an inspiring presentation about the importance of not being influenced by negative, pessimistic energy. And, the importance of not reacting or responding to negativity. He gave us worksheets and had us engage in activities to recognize our positive attributes.
Steve stressed the following:
  • Set aspirations in the present time
  • We are what we think
  • We are what we say
  • When meeting someone, find something positive to say about them
  • Strive to make people feel good about themselves
  • For more information, Steve can be reached at: steve@optimismplus.com
During announcements, we discussed the lack of students enrolled in the RYLA event scheduled for March 24. It was the sense of the meeting that we cancel RYLA and consider holding the event in early fall.
On March 13, the scheduled speaker will be Kathy Collinsworth, Executive Director of the Monadnock Humane Society . Jamie Hamilton has Opening Words and Adam Hamilton has “The Hat”. On March 20, Jim Guy has Opening Words and Bill has “The Hat”.
We received an email from Travis Krumph. Travis sends his regards to club members and reported that he has applied for a $35,000 Rotary district grant to upgrade school facilities in Nicaragua. More information from Travis will be forthcoming.
On March 9, I met with Nicole Peas of DCS. We discussed the Rotary park payments to the Harris Center, a trip to the Park being planned for the late spring and the birdhouse project to be scheduled in May before the birds need a new home. Nicole agreed to attend an upcoming Rotary meeting to give an update on the school and get feedback on future collaborations. We also spoke about opportunities to read with the children and to organize afternoon board game time. I’ll have a full report at our next meeting.
See you Tuesday!
Greetings Monadnock Rotarians: 
We had a busy meeting on Tuesday, February 27. Bob Meissner read a poem by Roger Housdon for Opening Words and Kevin had “The Hat” and spoke about taking a ride on a nuclear submarine commissioned in Groton, Connecticut.
 Becky Sakallarion was our speaker. Becky lived in Greece for several years and has returned to work with refugees arriving from Syria and other countries. She offered a brief history of the recent migration beginning in 2015 with the Syrian civil war escalation. The original waves of refugees were members of the Syrian professional class and were welcomed by European countries. As the war progressed, less educated migrants placed greater stress on available services and countries began restricting entry. Refugees found themselves unable to move beyond Greece—a country already facing financial difficulties. As a result, migrants found themselves living in crowded refugee camps during the winter with only tents for shelter. By 2016, 365,000 people had arrived in Greece most through the island of Lesbos…a 4 mile journey from Turkey over open water. Many people drowned during the journey.
The European Union paid Turkey 3.5 billion Euros to establish camps and discourage people from moving to Greece. People smuggling is big business and before long the number of immigrants reaching Greek soil increased. Currently, there are 40 camps in Greece housing 65,000 refugees. Greece has delegated supervision of the camps to international NGOs. Becky is currently raising funds to return to Greece with clothing and other necessary supplies. She has also been interviewing women to compile their “life stories”. Generally, men have been given the opportunity to serve as spokespersons for the migrants and little attention has been paid to women and their roles in organizing their journeys and keeping their families together in difficult times.                                                  
On March 6, the scheduled speaker will be Steve Reinhart. We will also have a brief discussion about the future of RYLA originally scheduled for March 24 but the number of students is not sufficient to move forward with the event. Rick has Opening Words and Rob has “The Hat”. On March 13, Jamie Hamilton has Opening Words and Adam Hamilton has “The Hat”.
During our Executive Committee meeting on February 28, we discussed future committee assignments. We established March 3 as the “drop dead” for students wishing to attend RYLA. Two members have anonymously offered to make donations to Brantwood Camp through the Monadnock Rotary Club. Dale offered a motion to donate $200 to the camp when the checks have been deposited in our account.
May 12 was selected as the possible date for our roadside clean-up project. Bill will contact Chuck Simpson to learn of his interest in participating. We also discussed our process for selecting speakers and noted the great job Bob Meissner has done in helping identify speakers. Bob has agreed to continue to help organize speakers for us and will work with the designated “speaker seekers”.
See you Tuesday!
February 25, 2018
Greetings Monadnock Rotarians
We had a busy meeting on Tuesday. Guests included Pegg Monahan and Harry Wolhandler from Harrisville. We had an informative meeting last Tuesday. Bill offered Opening Words and Tom Warren gave an overview about bank employee compensation as his Hat presentation.
Nate Morison was our speaker. Nate recently purchased Vicuna Chocolates in Peterborough from Neely Cowen. Nate’s family has a long history in the area and Nate is a recent graduate of ConVal High School. He was drawn to Vicuna because high quality chocolate is part of the local food revival, preparing the chocolate using “direct trade” ingredients is challenging and the procedures established by Neely were shared with him. Nate explained the difference between a chocolatier and a chocolate maker. Nate, a chocolate maker produces the chocolate with raw materials from scratch. The entire process requires 60-70 hours.
On February 27, Bob M. has Opening Words and Kevin has “The Hat”. The scheduled speaker will be Becky Sakellarion. We will also have a brief discussion on our upcoming RYLA event scheduled for March 24. Looking forward to March 6, Rick has Opening words and Rob has “The Hat”.
See you Tuesday!
February 17, 2018
Greetings Monadnock Rotarians!
I hope you are enjoying this beautiful day before another storm drops some snow tomorrow. We had an informative meeting last Tuesday. Dublin resident Paul Cooper was our guest and came to hear our speaker’s presentation on elder law. He had heard about our meeting from the article submitted to The Advocate by Bob Meissner. Wendy offered Opening Words and the Hat time was used to discuss a suggestion offered during our last Club Assembly to give our speakers locally sourced maple syrup rather than the traditional box of chocolates. A container was selected and ten weeks of syrup have been ordered.
A discussion was held regarding waiving RYLA fees for local Interact students. The sense of the meeting was to offer to split the cost with our Peterborough cousins.
Susan R. Abert, Esq. was our speaker. She is a member of the Norton & Albert, P.C. law firm located in Keene. She has chosen to devote her professional practice to elderly law. Her topics covered estate planning, changes in trust law and, guardianships. Ms. Abert gave a review of the Uniform Durable Power of Attorney Act that went into law on January 1, 2018. Greater authority now rests with people designated to make decisions on an elderly person’s behalf. Power of Attorney documents drawn up prior to the new year are still in effect but it is important to consult with your attorney to ensure your wishes will be honored. She noted the importance of making decisions clear for people (Agents) designated to help the elderly. Susan also highlighted the Uniform Fiduciary Act that will allow a person’s assigned agent to alter beneficiaries in one’s will. Ms. Albert also recommended establishing a bank account so your agent is able to draw funds for after death expenses such as funerals.
On February 20, Bob V.has Opening Words and Chuck Simpson has “The Hat”. Our speaker is scheduled to be Nate Morison.
On February 27, Bob M. has Opening Words and Kevin has “The Hat”. The scheduled speaker will be Becky Sakellarion.
See you Tuesday!
January 16, 2018
Greetings Monadnock Rotarians!
A small but hearty group was present for our meeting today. Jim Guy had Opening Words and Bill spoke about a conversation several years ago with an acquaintance that had committed serious crimes and spent time in prison. Our scheduled speaker was not available due to influenza which gave us additional time for socializing. Mr. Reinhart has offered to speak at a later date.
On January 23, John Goodhue has Opening Words and Dale has “The Hat. Speaker seekers for January 16, 23 and 30 are Bob M., Chuck S. and Bob V. Wendy and Tom Warren have speaker responsibilities for February 6-20. A discussion was held during the meeting regarding upcoming speakers. Bob Meissner has recruited a number of upcoming speakers and has updated our web page.
Upcoming speakers include (check our ClubRunner website for more details):
  • Kathy Collingsworth of the Monadnock Humane Society on January 23.
  • Steve Ryder of True North Networks on January 30.
Announcements included:
  • On January 18, all are invited to a joint social at the Waterhouse Restaurant. This is a great opportunity to meet Rotarians from Jaffrey-Rindge and Peterborough.
  • Please consider supporting our Rotary Foundation goal of $100 per member. See John Goodhue for more details.
  • Save the Date: Our traditional gavel party site at MacDowell Dam has been reserved for the evening of June 26.
  • The Executive Committee will meet on January 31 at DGS at 7:30 a.m.
  • RYLA is scheduled for March 24 at Dublin School
  • Notes of appreciation were received from all organizations receiving Wellness donations.
  • Rotary Leadership Institute is scheduled for March 3, 2018. See Bill for details.
See you Tuesday!
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