Welcome to the Monadnock Rotary Club

Welcome to the Monadnock Rotary Club in Dublin, NH

Monadnock Rotary Club

Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 7:30 AM
Dublin Community Church
Route 101
Dublin, NH  03444
United States
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August 2018
Roy Schlieben, Director of MAxT Makerspace
Aug 21, 2018
Roy will speak about the new Makerspace facility and future course offerings
Tammy & Shane Long, Owners/Mgrs Aldworth Manor
Aug 28, 2018
The rebirth of Aldworth Manor, Harrisville, NH
Mary Drew, Founder & CEO of Reality Check, Jaffrey
Sep 11, 2018
State of the State
Tyler Sweeney, NH State Dir for Concord Coalition
Sep 18, 2018
Concord Coalition - a nationwide, non-partisan organization advocating responsible fiscal policy
Venu Rao, District Governor
Sep 25, 2018
News, plans, changes in District 7870

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Home Page Stories
Jim Guy gave the opening words.
Harry Wolhandler gave the hat story about how his experience as a young entrepreneur prepared him for his business career better than business school.
  1. Brantwood camp meeting on Monday August 13th.  No meeting on Tuesday August 14th.
  2. District Golf Tournament August 18 in Keene.
  3. The club has matched the $250 for presentation to Brantwood on Monday.  Total donation will be >$500.00.
Mark Fernald, a lawyer who practices in Peterborough and resident of Sharon, talked about the reliance of NH on property tax for the primary source of state income.  NH has the  second highest per capita property tax in the US. Payment of real estate taxes is more likely to be a burden for seniors and others on a fixed income.   As a result, people are losing their homes that they have owned for years because they cannot afford to pay rising real estate taxes.  Funding for education, mental health services, opioid treatment, infrastructure maintenance, environmental protection and other critical state provided services are being reduced as tax cuts are being enacted and revenue is declining.  According to Mr. Fernald, these cuts contribute to the aging of the NH population, because the state makes it unattractive for young people  to stay or move to NH as state services are curtailed.  Lively discussion proceeded.
Remember no meeting tomorrow morning (August 14th).
For the meeting on August 21st:
Opening words:  Jim Fearnside
Hat story:           Tom Blodgett
Speaker: Roy Schlieben:  Fundraising & Communications Consultant. Topic: ‘Fundraising ins & outs with Not for Profits’
See you next week!
Good morning Rotarians,
We had a great meeting last Tuesday.
Vance Finch gave the opening words and Bob Veccchioti gave the had story about his primary school experience in in New York.
  1.  Donations for Brantwood camp need to be given now.  The luncheon at Brantwood is August 13th.  Remember the Club will match notation up to $250.00.
  2. District Golf Tournament August 18 at the  Keene Country Club
  3. Tickets for Peterborough Players The Drowsy Chaperone are available through Don Upton.
We had the pleasure of hosting Balmeet Kalhsa, Christine Robidoux and a group of young adults from the Cyprus Friendship Program, at our meeting. The Greek and Turkish Cypriots have been coming together to meet and build relationships and leadership skills, through the program in hopes that they will be able to build a generation that has a better understanding between people on the island.  As part of that program, they spend several weeks in the United States – including the Monadnock region – with host families.  Christina and Barack were gracious enough to tell the group stories about how the program changed their views and understanding of the relationship between the Greeks and Turks, as well as how to bridge differences through meeting others and developing friendships.  Like in so many cases in the world today , the younger generation are not accepting the old beliefs and stereotypes passed on by their elders.  These young individuals were inspiring and give us hope for a more accepting and peaceful world.
Our Speaker for Tuesday will be Mark Fernald,. lawyer and local activist in Peterborough.  He is a long-time resident of Peterborough where he practices law.  His topic will be about the essential functions of the NH state government, and how we pay for them.   
For Tuesday’s meeting:
Opening Words – John Goodue            
Hat Story – Harry Wolhandler
See you tomorrow!
Here the meeting notes from last week’s meeting.
Kevin McElhiney gave the opening words.
The Evans – Reilly award winner, Daisy Young, and her parents Susan and David were in attendance.  Daisy is a Conval High School student and  active member in the community who works with the Peterborough Cornucopia Food Project in growing and distributing food to families and individuals in the region.  Daisy will be going to Vienna Austria later this year where she will get a chance to practice her German language skills.
There was further discussion regarding the fund raising opportunities discussed at the July 17th assembly meeting.  Jim Fearnside agreed to lead the investigation to see if windowdressers.org is a viable option for fundraising.  Harry Wohlander, Bill Gurney, Dale Gabel, and Jerry Branch are other members of the committee.
Bob Meisner agreed to head up the committee to look into the feasibility of an opioid Run/Walk fund raising event.  Rob Harris, Peg Monahan, and Jim Guy round out the committee.
The executive committee has decided to match donations  up to $250 for donations to Brantwood Camp.  The check to Brantwood is presented at the annual luncheon to be held on August 13th.   We need to get our donations in soon!
Assignments for the Hat, Opening Words, and Speaker assignments will be issued shortly.
Joshua Houle, Partner and Wealth Manager at Steward Partners Global Advisory, LLC. in Keene, gave an informative talk on Social Security benefits.  There are more than 2,700 rules and regulation that govern Social Security benefits and payments.  Joshua made it clear that because there are numerous options, each individual and their spouse should do research to determine which retirement/payment scenario will maximize Social Security payments before signing up for the program.   The message was loud and clear - do your research so won’t leave money on the table.
  1. Brantwood Camp meeting on August 13th Get those donations in!  
  2. District Golf Tournament  for Brantwood in Keene, on August 18th.
  3. Peterborough Player tickets August 9th for the musical "Drowsy Chaperone" available through Don Upton.
July 31st meeting.
Invocation          Vance Finch
Hat                      Bob Vecchioti
Speaker               Balmeet Khalsa   
See you Tuesday morning!
We have an Assembly meeting on July 17th 7:30AM   at the Dublin School PRISM Building, Room PR3.  Please note revised directions:
Take New Harrisville Rd. (Dublin Fire department at the intersection of New Harrisville Rd. and 101).  Take the first entrance to Dublin School (Emmanuel Church), and Park in the church parking lot.   The Prism Building is directly across from the parking lot adjacent to the church, and across from the Administration Building.     See the link https://www.dublinschool.org/admissions-2/.  The PRISM Center is Blue B1 on the map.  
The main agenda items for the meeting are:
  1. Fund raising
  2. Membership
  3. Other projects.
  4. District Grant for Nicaraua.
Below are the meeting notes from the July 17th meeting:
Bill Gurney gave the opening words.
Bob Schaumann, Sam LaFortune, and Travis Kumpf gave a talk about the $45,000 district grant from Rotary International that the Jaffery Rotary Club has applied for use in Nicaragua for the purpose of buying schoolbooks as well as building and repairing school buildings.  Bob, Sam, and Travis are appealing local Rotary Clubs for support to help raise funds for the project and pointed out that donations for the project will be matched $3.50 for every dollar donated by Rotary Foundation.  FNE International and Just Hope are the organizations on the ground in Nicaragua that will work on the projects using local builders and Highschool volunteers to do the work on the school projects in the town of Chacraseca, just outside of León .  The political situation in Nicaragua is of concern as recent trips by students have been postponed because of safety concerns, however current projects have not been affected.
  1. Brentwood Camp meeting is on August 13th.
  2. District Golf Tournament August 18 at Brentwood, Keene.
  3. Board meeting at the Dublin General Store at 7:30AM on July 18th.
I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday at Dublin School.
Greetings Monadnock Rotarians!
The storms on Monday night did little to deter our membership from attending our meeting this morning. Bob Vecchiotti introduced our guest and speaker Tim Pipp, owner of Beeze Tees located in Keene with a production plant in Marlborough. Wendy had Opening Words and Tom Warren had “The Hat” and spoke about his bird watching trip to Ontario.
 Announcements included the following:
  • Jerry reminded members to send in their checks to reserve a ticket for the Peterborough Players. See Jerry’s recent email for more details.
  • Bill read a letter from John Goodhue encouraging all club members to donate at least $100 to the Rotary Foundation to continue our tradition of 100% participation.
  • Bill also read an email from Steve Kim, President of the Peterborough Rotary that outlined volunteer opportunities for the Quest program…see dates below.
  • Appreciation was expressed for the great work Jerry and Jim did to organize our June 12 meeting. A round of applause recognized Rosemary Guy’s wonderful food for the event.
  • The “Pass the Gavel” party is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. on June 26 at the MacDowell Dam. Please bring a dessert, salad or appetizer, as well as BYOB.
  • Bob Vecchiotti spoke about his idea to try some Rotary songs at future meetings. The consensus of the group was to move forward with Bob’s suggestion.
  • Kevin Moody has asked that we consider expanding our FACTS programs to DCA. Vance will look into using DCS materials with the DCA students.
Bob Vecchioti introduced our speaker, Tim Pipp. The company name is a curiosity to many customers and was his parents’ nickname for him. Tim had the entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. He sold Pokemon cards to neighborhood kids and had other jobs. He quickly learned that he enjoyed the challenge and rewards of building businesses from scratch. Tim attended Mascenic High School and Keene State College. He ran track and was also involved in other school activities. At KSC, Tim built a press for making t-shirts and quickly realized that there was money to be made from a relatively small investment. He moved his facilities several times seeking more space for storage and production. With a loan from his parents, he continued to expand his business on a regional and nation-wide basis. By 2013, Tim had 6 employees and introduced a night shift to boost production. The following year he opened a retail/production storefront on Main Street in Keene. Two years later, Tim had 15 employees and had outgrown Main Street location. He saw this as the time to separate the retail and production sides of the business and bought a mill building in Marlborough. Currently, Beeze Tees occupies a portion of the building with 22,000 square feet leased to another company. In addition, Tim moved the retail and design side of the business to a new storefront on Main Street next to Ted’s Shoe & Sport.
Tim is now in the planning phase of a new entrepreneurial adventure. He will return to tell us about the new venture once the plans are complete.
Please let Bill know if you will be attending and bringing guests to the Pass the Gavel meeting.
Quest Dates:

Sunday June 24         11:30am - 2pm            Registration of Campers
Monday June 25         6pm - 8pm                 Dinner/ Ice Breaker event (Campers and Rotarians)
Tuesday June 26       4pm - 6pm                  Collaboration exercise with Campers and                  Rotarians, Interact)
Wednesday June 27    6pm - 8pm                Guest Speaker- Richard Haynes (UNH Admissions)
Peterborough Rotary could use some helping hands
on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
   See you Tuesday afternoon!
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