From RID 7870 DGE Steve Puderbaugh via Facebook - 
"Rotarians across the United States and Canada are gearing up to volunteer and encourage volunteers via our social,church and business networks. Those who are in good health and low risk can train to join the front line workers while those who need to stay further from the fray can train to help via telehealth support." 
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+From: DG Nancy Russell  Date: April 14, 2020 
Subject: Rotary - URGENT: District 7870 COVID19 Action Needed. Opportunities to serve via Volunteer Surge
I have an exceptional and extraordinary request of you, and all members in our district, to join the fight against COVID19. What if there was a way to help, from the safety of our homes, and make a real difference?
Our district is one of several leading in an extraordinary new effort, and your immediate participation is critical to its success. This program will be announced via a press release soon (CNN, NYT, and other major coverage), and will be adopted by Rotary Clubs across the nation in the next few days.
The background is this: Two weeks ago, Rotarians in a local club engaged Rotary International to recruit 1 million volunteers in two weeks to sign up with Volunteer Surge, a new program that allows us to train online, for free, to become a Telehealth Worker, or a Community Health Worker. These volunteers will provide basic assistance, and will reduce suffering and save lives, locally and across the nation. How? By helping our health care providers to focus more of their attention where it is most needed.
Please go to to learn more and decide how you, your friends, and family can participate. And share this link with others on Facebook, email, and other social media.
The world is watching, and we, as Rotarians, people of action, are now truly defined by our actions in this crisis.
With appreciation and thanks,
DG Nancy Russell